Friday, September 27, 2013

P-Day Road Trip!

Hello EveryoneJ                                                                9-26-13

This last week a lot has happened and it has been great!!!

Wednesday after we emailed we went on a little road trip with Alfa, one of our investigator so that we could get some rugs.  She also took us to a river. It was a lot of fun... (Pictures coming soon).

Thursday there was a huge rain storm but luckily we had already left and were in an investigators house before it started. It is so funny the people here are terrified of the thunder and lightning 

The spirit was so strong in our lesson with Alfa on Thursday. We keep talking to her about her baptism. She knows she is going to get baptized it is just, when it is going to actually happen. We found out that she’s been praying for a date (December). The rest of our lessons were really good.

Friday not much happened we just had our normal lessons and the day was good.

Saturday we went over to Alfa’s early so I could cook lunch (spaghetti and fritos). We were running late so I told Hna Porter that I would take her backpack and then we started running. Everyone was yelling at Hna Porter saying that I had 2 backpacks and I was still ahead of her... It was really funny. After lunch I was cleaning up and all of a sudden Hna Porter and Alfa are laughing... Hna Porter had given Alfa a wedgie! That´s what you get here because the people’s underwear here are always showing. They also both had fun because they were both blaming everything that happened on me. Our day was just filled with tons of laughter.

Sunday church was really good! The Spirit was so strong. Alfa told me that she got her answer but wasn´t going to tell me until Monday. Well I got it out of her when they were announcing the people that are getting baptized on Saturday and she said that she was going to too. Hna Porter (she sits on the stand) saw the whole thing and told them to announce Alfa too. She was so confused on how they knew!!! LOL :) After church we went to Margarita’s for dinner and we ate rice, ham, and salad. It was really good!

Monday was a really good day! However we had to change some of our plans because of the” huelga” (people burn things in the middle of the roads to protest for something and the police get involved and shoot or throw tearing grenades) was going on. So we had to be extra careful!!!!

Tuesday was some kind of Catholic holiday so everything was closed and we also had a service project. We went and cleaned up next to a river. Then after that we had a Relief Society activity where they made desserts (they don´t know what desserts are here) and had a competition. We were the judges Afterwards we went over to President Valdez’s house for dinner and ate some really good food (rice, chicken, different meat, etc.)! That day was really exhausting from all the sun I got from cleaning up at the river.

Wednesday we had a sister conference and that is why I wasn’t able to email yesterday. It was so good seeing all of the sisters in the mission there are like 50 something of us! We learned about opening our hearts like Christ! I learned a lot!

So my companion goes home the 9th of Oct. I am a little excited so that I can learn new things and improve my Spanish even better. I know it won´t be easy but I think I am ready!!!!

This last week was really good! I hope you guys have a great week I love you!!!!

Until Next Week!!!!!!


Hermana Heather Peugnet <3

PS A Picture posting will be coming soon!!


PS I go to the dentist Tuesday I think to get my wisdom teeth pulled out.... Pray For Me I am sooooo nervous!!!!!  The dentist in Arizona told me I didn’t need them outL But they are really bothering me.




This week was AMAZING!!!!!!                                                                       9-11-13

On Thursday we had some awesome cita’s (appointments). We asked Alfa one of my investigators if she would like to be baptized September 28th... We are hoping it works out. She wants to wait until December when her boyfriend is here. We reminded her that we may not be here in Bonao by then since my companion will be going home in October. That made her thinks a lot. We told her that we would support whatever she wants to do. We challenged her to pray about it and do what is best for her. I have grown to love her so much.  She has really progressed since we met her and she has become one of my favorite investigators.

The rest of the day went great after the activity we went to go visit July because her dad had died..... We talked about the Plan of Salvation and she told us that she knows where her dad is right now. It was an awesome moment for me knowing that she had remembered that lesson, and to see that her Faith is strengthening.

Friday we started teaching some new people named Roberto and Maria. Soila. Roberto’s brother is a member of the church and they go to church with him every once in a while. They actually came up to us in the streets and asked if we’d teach them...  Their Grandma loves the gospel but is very Catholic and tried to teach and convert us. It was a fun cita.

 We then left and it started raining before we got to our next cita so we ran inside one of the members of the branches clothing store until it stopped raining and shared a message.

Saturday it rained ALL day! We got stuck in Nina’s house for a little bit and then we went to Alfa’s house. She wouldn´t let us leave because it was pouring. She made us soup and we had a lesson and talked. She finally let us leave when we told her we just had 1 cita to go to then we were going home. However we ended up going to 2 more cita’s.  We went back to the familia Rosario and they gave us some yummy hot chocolate. Afterwards we ended our day of cita’s at July’s house. We changed July and her 2 daughter baptism date to the 21st of September because after all that has happened with losing her father recently, she doesn´t feel ready to be baptized on Saturday the 14th.

Sunday church was really good. After church we went to Alfa’s for dinner and we ate spaghetti, potato salad, and pl├ítano fritos!!! It was so good. We then had President Jimenez and Marybel with us in our lessons that day.

Monday was a really good day. We had some really good cita’s.

 For Family Home Evening we went to Hna Rosa’s house and talked about how things happen in the Lord’s time and that there is a time for everything in our life. Our last cita was with Alfa and out of nowhere she just started talking really good English  after she had told us she knew very little English!... I guess our English classes are paying off! It was so fun hearing her speak in English.

Tuesday was a special day! We had some amazing cita’s. We had our Preach my Gospel class and taught about Faith... After the class my companion and I went over to a members house so that I could have the opportunity to Skype my family, so I could hear my brother Adams setting apart for his mission! That was one of the best experiences ever.  I am so excited for Elder Adam Peugnet... He is going to be a fantastic missionary, and I know that he will be able to touch a lot of lives in Denver, Colorado. He has been a great example to me and I love him so much!!! See you in 2 yrs. little bro!!!!!!

I love you and miss you all!!

Until next week!


Hermana Heather Peugnet 

Sunday, September 8, 2013


This last week was wonderful.. I love being out here serving the people!
 Here is an update of my week.

Thursday:We taught a couple of people. The first person we taught was named  Wendy. She is a menos activo (less active) and when we got there she asked us to help clean her house. So we did that as well! It was fun I love being able to help others out!
We have a new investigator  named  Bautista. He came to church last Sunday, so in our lesson we talked about what was talked about in  class when he came to church. We have a baptismal date for him as September 21st. I think it will happen. He loves learning about the Gospel and coming to church.
That night we had an activity at church that  was a lot of fun. We were all laughing so much and had a great time getting to know the members. 
Friday:  We had a nice surprise.  A member called  and told us he was sending Empenada's to our apartment for lunch. They are like calzones and are super good!
 We had a member with us in all of our lessons through out the day. We had a great day. It is always the best when we have members with us!
Saturday:   Something funny  happened and it is something that will only happen here in the DR. We were walking to a cita (appointment) and a lady about 35-40 yrs old was infront of us. All of a sudden she started stripping and left her clothes in the middle of the street and walked away. To me it was just funny and I didn't think much of it. I think that's what happens when you work in a nursing home and a hospital (like I did before my mission) you see a lot of crazy things and someone naked doesn't bother you! LOL :) 
Sunday: Was fast Sunday. Alfa finally came to church for the first time and she loved it!
 We  went to lunch at a members house and had rice and chicken... the usual. That day was great. We had the Romeraz girls with us. They both have such strong testimonies of the church and have only been members for 2 yrs. They couldn't believe some of the people that we teach. They thought it was interesting and asked if we had any normal people that we teach... We love our investigators!
Monday:Was a great day! We didn't have many lessons, but we did go visit Bienvenido. Before we left Margarita told us to wait.  She handed us some money. We told her we couldn't take it,  but she insisted that we did. Right after we left her house Hermana Porter and I  looked at each other and knew that we needed to give it to an investigator down that street who told us days before that her family is struggling.  Her husband doesn't have a job at the time. When we got to her house and gave her the money her eye's filled with tears. It wasn't much, but we knew it could help and she was so grateful. The Lord does answer our prayers and sometimes he puts others in our paths to help us out! :)
Tuesday: Was another great day. We taught Alfa, Wendy, and Bautista. After teaching them we had a Preach My Gospel class at the church about the Plan of Salvation. It was good!

 I can't imagine being anywhere else in the world right now than being here in the Dominican Republic. I love the people here  and have learned so much about myself while being here!
I hope everyone is doing great! I love and miss you all!!!!
Until next week!
Hermana Heather Peugnet <3