Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Hello Everyone!

I just spent most of my precious emailing time on a long message, only to have it disappear/deleted just as I was getting ready to send it:(     I don't know what happened!!

I can not believe I just lost everything! I don't have time to write any more,  so I will write a physical letter for you guys of what went on this week. (Mom, will you just copy it onto my blog when it arrives?)

Well this week was great, There was a lot that happened. 
It was a hard week, a lot of ups and downs,  but I learned a lot.
I hope all is going great there,  I will just write this in a letter for you guys of what went on because I do not have  any time left! 
At least my pictures weren't deleted!! Enjoy them. We went on a hike today up El Pico with some Elders. We left at 5:45 am and were gone til 2:30 pm. It was so fun. We saw a lot of cows and other interesting things along the way,  as well as some beautiful views of Santiago!
 I love it here:)
I love you all! 
Hermana Heather Peugnet
PS. Mom can you ask people to write to me? They can use a regular US stamp and send it to the Florida address. There is a company that sends it to us here.
Send letters to:
Hermana Heather Peugnet
SDQ 8013
PO BOX 025725
MIAMI, FLORIDA  33102-5725
Our investigators daughter Angeli

Dinner at a members home

Roadside traveler on our way to our hike

Angeli and I eating crepes

On the way to our hike

a town we passed through on our way to El Pico

they were a little leery of us

At the top of El Pico

Beautiful View

Breath taking!


start of our hike at 5:45 am
Hma Colton and I

We made it to the top!
Hma Colton and I

Friday, January 24, 2014



Well this week has been great! It has flown by so fast I don't know where the time is going!
In 2 days I will be at my 9 month (1/2 way) mark in the mission, Can you believe that??! I want to slow the clock way down:)
Here is a recap of my week.............
Last Thursday was a great day. It started off really interesting. We took awhile doing companion planning for this next week, and then afterwards we headed to the church to clean it for a baptism that night for  a little boy in the ward that just turned 8yrs old. Well,  as we were filling up the baptismal font the water was going really slow so we went outside to a faucet to try to get more water. Well after 2 mins of that,  all of the water went out, just simply STOPPED!We had to call for help and were a little nervous that there might not be a baptism that night. We were scheduled to have a cita, so we had to leave for a while. The members figured something out and while we were at our citas they filled up the font. The baptism was really good and the spirit was so strong. The little boy being baptized had a lot of support from family and members. It was awesome!
Friday we just had a lot of citas and a meeting in the night. After our meeting we got invited to one of our investigators houses to eat tacos, man were they good! 
Saturday we did a lot of service! we went over to a families house to help with a birthday party after all of our citas fell through and then we went to a cita at 5pm.
At that cita we received 5 referencias it was so cool! I seriously have learned it is more important to receive references than to contact.
 After that cita we went to another 8yr olds baptism and man it was a little interesting... it was not organized and there were so many little kids that were just fed a lot of sugar not long before the baptism from the birthday party. Kids were running everywhere and the adults didn't seem to mind.
Sunday church was awesome. Saundra one of our investigators picked a baptism date for the 8 de Febrero! She has been working with the missionaries for awhie now. After our cita with her we went to  our neighbors house and celebrated her birthday with popcorn and homemade juice! :) 
Monday we had an awesome cita with another investigator and we were talking about the  priesthood because she was not understanding it. We had a really good discussion about it. We invited her to be baptized and she said YES!!
Tuesday we walked around a lot... and was also a fiesta here! Lots of partying in the streets. Not sure what the occasion was, cuz I'm learning there really doesn't need one in order to have a reason to party!
We had a Noche de Hogar with Saundra, our investigator and other missionaries. It was a lot of fun! I think she really enjoyed it.
I hope you are all doing great! I love being a missionary!!
I love you and miss you all! 
Hermana Heather Peugnet <3
Slow filling baptistery font! (zero water pressure)

Hna Colton and I showing off one of our talents:)

Cold morning in our apartment. This is my layered look!

Our personal study area

Kitchen, our stove even works!

companion study area

Bano (notice our water barrel and jug?


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Great Week! 1-15-14

Hey how is everyone doing?

I am doing great,  I cannot believe that another week has gone by... 
This week has been great! 
Last Tuesday (7th of Jan) we decided to go to early morning seminary whichI sure am glad I did.  Hna Colton had never had the chance to experience early morning seminary in her life so I thought it would be nice and do that with her... we were both dying (exhausted) by the end of the day!
Thursday and Friday we both good days. Sometimes  we both feel like giving up but,  we pick each other up and keep going even with all the rejections. It is so discouraging  because a lot of the time we just walk around because our citas and back up citas fall through.  We have been visiting a lot of members houses so that i can get to know them better. We help a lot of people (members or menos activos) clean there houses and do a lot of service! Thursday one of our members asked our invesetigator on a date to see a movie that weekend after the lesson it was really funny! Friday night we went over to a menos activos the Family Bueno and the mom cooked dinner for us. we helped and learned it was so cool! She put a lot of spicy spices in it... but for me it wasn´t even hot Hna Colton and her was having a hard time from the spice. I guess i really am not a white girl after all! After that we went to our neighbors house with the Elders and made tacos, and the Elders made homemade tortilla from Honduras. It was so good. Saturday we started running again! Yay!! It was tough to get started again.
Sunday was a great day we had 2 investigators at church and a couple of menos activos too! I love going to church and learning more about the gospel. In the afternoon the Elders came out with us and we visited families and menos activos together so that they can get to know them too. 
Monday we had our district meeting that was great! and had some great citas! 
Tuesday for lunch we didn´t have any food adn we didn´t want to cook so we made platano fritos and chocolate pudding to eat! lol :) We were laughing so hard!
 In one of our citas we were talking to our investigator about President Monson and showed her a picture of him. She told us that he looked Dominican and then asked about his wife we told her that she had just past away and she with out hesitating was like oh that is ok i will marry him!!! we were dying laughing so hard and was like what en serio!!! The rest of our citas went great this day!
We love laughing and having a great time together!
I hope everyone has a great week. Until next week! 
Love you all!!! 
Hermana Heather Peugnet Black heart (cards) 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year!                                                  1-2-14
Thursday: Hna Lizardo skyped her family because she wasn't able to Christmas. We also tried to visit people but it was hard because people were still caught up in Christmas. and too busy.
Friday we went over to a members house to eat lunch. One of their neighbors came and ate too. He was from the states and started asking me questions about the church  and I shared the whole first lesson and what ever else he asked me. We were talking in English of course, but the spirit was so strong that Hna Lizardo told me that she was able to understand a little bit of what we were talking about even though she doesn't speak or understand English which was awesome!  
Saturday we went to an investigators Oneyda's house to eat. Afterwards Hna Lizardo had a wet spot on her skirt because the set was a little wet so Oneyda ironed it! Then we went to a menos activos house, her name is Elisabet she is about my age and pregnant. We have been trying to working with her for awhile. We asked her  when we visit if she will read 5 verses in the Book of Mormon with us. This was our first day and after 5 verses she kept going.  We were so surprised but she told us that she didnt want to stop after 5 verses. We also cleaned the church building  with the Elders.... man was it nasty....  
Sunday Ivonne one of our investigators told us she wanted to be a "mini missionary" because the President has been looking for one and she has been with the missionaries for a long time, so we got permission from the Mission President. So, Sunday we had her baptism. It was so cool and spiritual while we were waiting for the baptism. Her original baptism date that we had for her was not until the 25th of Jan. Before the baptism I had about 8 little Dominican girls playing with my hair. They were having so much fun! After the baptism we had a cita with Angelina who was referred to us by Hma Douglas (our mission Mom).  She is awesome.  The spirit was so strong in her lesson and she asked us some amazing questions!
Sunday night I found out I was being transferred..... Hna Lizardo started crying when we found this out. We were just starting to see the work progress together here.
Monday we started visiting people and saying goodbye. But we had an awesome experience... We were at La Sirena for lunch with a group of missionaries and we wanted time alone to talk so we left and went and to sit on a wall by the beach. Well right as we got there a Jehovah  witness came up to us, she was from Florida and started asking us questions about the church, about our beliefs ect.. and we talked for about 45 minutes... she had been sitting behind us when were eating. It was very interesting,   I gave her the whole first lesson (the restoration of the gospel), talked a little bit about the Plan of Salvation, talked about tithing, our missions and our purpose, pretty much everything about the gospel. I gave her a pamphlet with our number on it and tried a Book of Mormon but she said she wouldn't read it. The Spirit was so strong when we were talking and I know she felt it too because I saw tears in her eyes and Hna Lizardo was able to understand just about everything too! It was one of the coolest experiences ever!!!!!!!!
Tuesday we found out that i was being transferred to Santiago North so we took pics and said goodbye to people. We were so sad. Hna Lizardo is awesome, by far she has been one of my favorite companions even though there was a real language barrier between us at first. I learned so much from her. She is one of my good friends,  it was so sad to leave her and the people in Puerto Plata!
Wednesday! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!! and Transfers. Well I got transferred to Santiago North and my companion is Hna Colton. She is so nice we get along great and are already having a great time. She has 1 transfer (6 weeks) more than I do in the mission. I know I will learn a lot from her! She has been in this area for 4 months already and the members that I have met are awesome!
I hope you have a great week! Until next week! 
I love you!!!!!!
Hermana Heather Peugnet <3
Ivonne baptism 12-29-13

Me, Ivonne and Hma Lizardo

Ivonne baptism w/ friends!

me and Hma Wake

Lunch with members

Transfer day 1-1-14
Saying goodbye


More goodbyes

My zone 1-1-14


My new comp Hma Colton

View from our bedroom in North Santiago

Transfer day