Thursday, February 27, 2014

Feeling Very Loved!! 2-27-14

Well this last week was a blast! I couldn't have asked for a better Birthday Week!

Thank you to all of you that wished me a Happy Birthday -it was a great day, I loved it so much! 

Last Thursday we went and visited a less active family, The Familia Ortiz. They are an awesome family  from the United States. They have gone through so much and has fallen off of the band wagen. But now they are wanting to come back to church! It was so crazy teaching someone in English. I don't have time to tell you everything about this family,  but I am so excited to help them return to activity! I will write a letter telling you  more about them... 
Friday....(My Birthay) Was just a wonderful day. I felt  love from so many people! Hna Colton woke me up with one of our favorite songs and then made blue berry pancakes and a smoothie for me. We had a Hermana's Reunion that morning and left early because Alfa (a sister I taught and was baptized) and Almayha decided to come and surprise me and spend my birthday with me! It was so cool seeing them and spending  time with them. They ended up comming to our house and Alfa cooked us lunch! One of my favorite dishes here... Espagueti (spaghetti)! They also bought me a cake
 and ended up staying for awhile, but it was ok with me! That night we had a couples activity at the church and one of the members bought me a huge chocolate cake! I felt the love of the members so much that day! 
Saturday we didn't do much,  we had a couple of awesome citas we also had an activity planned, but no one came.:( it stunk so badly.... well the familia Ortiz came that was awesome so we talked with them!
Sunday  I spoke in church! I spoke about the atonement! Man I have really learned to love that subject. I always  learn something new about it! Everyone said my talk was great and even during the rest of church people were referring to it in their lessons. I also had a lot of people that came up to me and said that my talk felt like it was just what they needed. Really I don't even know what I spoke,about.. enserio Hna Colton read what Ihad wroten afterwards and even said that what i had said was something totally different. The Familia Ortiz even came to church which was awesome! After church we went to the Familia Rodriguez's house and celebrated my birthday! We had some great citas Sunday the spirit was so strong that day.
Monday we went and visited Sandra one of her friends were over and when he was leaving he told Sandra to hold her dog well she didn't and the dog started attacking him and he was freaking out ,w were dying laughing because it was so funny! That night we were teaching a guy who is deaf about the Restoration and we showed him and his friends the Restoration movie in ASL.
Wednesday was a really busy pday we did our laundry in the morning that always takes forever and then we went and played soccer and basketball at the church with the elders. we then left and went shopping.   a phone call from our bishop saying that Maria (Hna Ortiz) can go to the employment center for a job interview so we went and helped with that and were there for a while. That is why i didn't email yesterday! We then watch The Testements with the Familia Diaz the spirit was so strong they were all crying at the end of the movie!
I love this gospel and am so grateful for all of the many blessing that i receive in my life and i am especially grateful for this mission i have learned so much and i do not know where the time is going!
I hope you all have a great week! 
Until next week. 
I love you and miss you all!!!
Hermana Heather Peugnet <3
Hermana Colton and I
A surprise visit from Alpha for my birthday!

Birthday breakfast, yummy blueberry pancakes a smoothie and a card from some local friends:)


Hermana Colton and a cute little puppy



some members had a little party for me.:)

It was a fun week.
We did get work done as well, I promise!!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

2 in 1

Ok so this week has been very busy a lot has happened! 
Last Wednesday we got permission to go the the mission home to sleep because the mom ( trainer) of Hermana Colton in the mission was going home! 
Thursday was a really good day. That night we went to New Beginnings for the young women's.  It reminded me  of being in young womens all over again. I thought I would never say this but I miss being in young womens! Thanks to all of the wonderful young women leaders that I had! 
Friday Happy Valentines Day!!!!  We did our weekly planning! I have learned to love weekly planning with Hna Colton.  We have some really good times planning and ideas of what we want to do this next transfer! After our planning we went over to Sandra´s (newly baptized) house to eat lunch.  Afterwards we  went to a members house, Estephany and taught/talked talked with her. She is a hard working single mom that works like crazy and wants to learn more about the gospel at the same time! After our cita (lesson) she taught us how to make little empenadas like she doese for work at the colmado (local general store, also a social gathering spot). It was so much fun.
 After her cita we went to teach Marianela an investigator. She told us that she received her answer and that she is going to get baptized the 22 of March! yay!!! :)
 Well,  the cita after that we accidently planned two citas at the same hour so we decided to go on exchanges with a couple of members in the ward so we could do both,  it was great! 
Saturday was a really good day  but sadly, a lot of our citas had fallen through.
Sunday was a really good day we had a whole family of 7 that came to church!! The spirit was so strong!  That night we went over to our neighbors house and did an activity with a couple of other missionaries! The Elders from Honduras made us some kind of food from their country that was really good! 
Monday we had our zone meeting. It was really good as usual and I learned a lot!
 I recieved one of my packages for my birthday thank you! Something funny happened with that... I will send you a letter about what had happened! lol :)
Our citas that day were all really good. I cannot believe how fast the time is flying by! 
Tuesday was a really good day I learned a lot as we taught! I love it when that happens:)
 We visited with some menos activos, Jasmely and Jean Carlos. and when we visit them they teach us what they read in the Book of Mormon each day. Well Jasmely was teaching us about 1 Nefi 18 when God commanded Nefi to build a boat and to go to the promise land (Las Americas) with his family. Well after she told us the whole story (she is a very smart girl and told it to us in a lot of detail) Hna Colton asked a question.... If we were Nefi and our Faith and Testimony were the boat how strong would our ship be? Would we be able to go to the promise land (return to God)? We were able to have a great discussion about that.
The rest of our citas were really good! We gave away 2 Books of Mormon!
Thank you ALL for all of the Birthday Wishes! 
I hope you have a great week!
Te Quiero Mucho!!! 
Hermana Heather Peugnet Black heart (cards)

Sorry i can´t send pics this week next week for sure! 
THIS IS EVIE.  Each week I ask multiple questions in my emails to Heather, but because of her limited time on the computer she decided to write a pretty long letter home answering some of the many questions. She has asked me to share it on her blog.
~The work in my new area Santiago, La Union, is very different than my other areas. It is much slower and more difficult at times. There are many days we feel like we just walk in circles because our scheduled citas forget we are coming and often time we don't have backups. This area is the smallest area of the mission.
~Holidays are huge here. There seems to be a "holiday" every week. (at least that's what it feels like to us) During the day the people just sit around drinking (alcohol) and playing dominos outside.(very few people actually have jobs. I don't know how they live without a job)  At night the loud music and dancing in the streets begin. We normally make it inside before it gets too bad. The loud music comes from almost every house and plays well into the night. Its sad, because we often see 3 & 4 year olds dancing with some offensive moves that they learn from the adults.
~My Spanish is okay. I can communicate with the people here, but we speak English quite a bit too. The Latinos here often times like to communicate in English.
~When you send packages they go to the mission office and we get those on Mondays. Currently our apartment is only about 20 minutes from the mission home.
~Our investigators are doing great. We have a couple that are progressing pretty well.
~Yes, we have heard that some of the stateside missionaries are now using I pads. That's not happening here.
~My companion Hma Colton is awesome. She reminds me a lot of McKenna (Heathers college roommate). She is from Holiday Utah and has been out 6 weeks longer than me. She is 21. She is the last member of her family to serve a mission. She actually has a nephew that will be going out soon. She is the youngest of 9 and has a ton of nieces and nephews. She is a very compassionate/considerate person and I am learning so much from her.
~I live in an area where 5 of our neighbors are members..
~We spend 2 hours every Sunday visiting member families with the Elders. Its a good way to get to know the members.
~My shoes are actually doing great. I am so glad I got the kind I did, even though when we were looking I thought they were pretty ugly. Thanks mom for telling me how practical they would be for walking a lot. (she got a brown and black pair). I'm sure they will last me through my entire mission.
~The work here is good most of the time. It's actually like a roller coaster. We have really good days and some not so much. We are always meeting new people on the street when we are walking or in the Rutas (public transportation) if we have to go somewhere far.
~We only cover 1 ward here and often times there are 2-3 sets of missionaries in one ward. We meet in a church building. In some of the out lying areas they meet in other kinds of buildings or even houses.
~Yes Adam copies me on his emails. Man, compared to my emails, he writes practically nothing. ha-ha
~We have water and electricity most of the time. We even have stove and oven that work. I am fortunate that I live in such a nice area right now.
~We are not suppose to eat from the vendors on the streets. They are not very clean and you never know what they are serving. Every once in a while a member will get us something from a vendor and we pray we won't get sick. I have been pretty lucky so far. There have been some missionaries get REALLY sick from eating from the streets.
Thank you for all your love and support. I love you all so much. I am so glad Heavenly Father sent me to my family. I have realized that more and more since being here on my mission. I have learned what a blessing you guys are to me in my life and I am grateful I have the opportunity to live with you guys for eternity!!
Time is flying by here. I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve the Lord. I have learned so much about myself and I can totally see a difference in my life.
Thank you for everything. I hope all is well and you have a great week!
Te Quiero Mucho
Con Mucho Amor,
Hermana Heather Peugnet <3

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Oh What a Week!! 2-12-14


Wow,  I do not know where this week has gone ...
First off,  Happy Valentines Day everyone! Well in 2 days but I love you all so much!!! <3
Thursday was a great day for us. We worked so hard and got a lot done...
 Sandra had her baptismal interview and passed! Yay!
Friday as we were walking to catch a ruta to go to our Sister Activity/ Meeting when we saw a guy that was pushing a cart full of bags of empty beer bottles so we decided to help him... he turned around and saw us and a huge smile went on his face showing how grateful  he was for our help.
 I felt like I was on the trek all over again,  it was such a neat experience! At our Sister Activity we  played the piano,  it was a lot of fun! Every companionship did something different! We finished off the day awesome,  we didn't have that many citas, but the ones we did have were fantastic! 
Saturday we prepared for Sandra's baptism~ man it was a heck of a day... we went to the church early in the morning and cleaned it.
At 11 we went over to an investigator Isuara's house  and taught her English and ate with her family.
We then went home... when we left our house at 3 we had no idea what the Lord had in stored in for us,  but we sure did learn a lot!
None of our citas happened. We ended up walking to everyones house and inviting them to Sandra's baptism. Well the baptism was suppose to start at 6pm... no one was there, not even Sandra!! We called her at 6pm.  She had thought it started at 7pm because the calendar  we made her with the original baptism plan said 7pm. But it all worked  out, she came as fast as she could and we had her baptism! It was so spiritual I am so thankful that I was able to be a part of that! 
Sunday Sandra was confirmed a member of the church and she radiated the light of Christ!
We had an activity that night at a members house and got to see another member opened his mission call. It was so cool to be apart of that. It reminded me of when I opened my call!
 Monday I don't remember all that happened but I know that it was a great day! 
Tuesday we had our zone meeting and learned of everyone that was getting transferred. Hna Colton and I are together for another transfer! YAY!!
 We had our normal citas and that night we went and ate Yaro with the Elders. Yaro is dish that they make here on the streets... it has french fries,meat (I don't know what kind), and cheese... normally it has ketchup and mayo too. It wasn't too bad.  It was an interesting experience! 
I hope you all have a great week! love you tons!!! 

Hermana Heather Peugnet <3
goofing around at our Sister Meeting

My district

My Zone

Sandra's baptism

Sandra's special day

Sandra, her kids and us:)

Hma Colton and I at Sandra's baptism

Sandra's daughter

Hermana Colton eating a rotten apple!

Our Dominican hair do's

Mission call

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

New Program: Member Missionary for a day:)


What is going on?

Since I lost the email I wrote last week just as I was ready to send it , I went ahead and wrote a letter instead. So as soon as my mom gets it, she will post it on my blog... It was so frustrating because I spent most of my email time writing it. Oh well, that's what happens when electricity comes and goes like it does here in the DR.
So this week was great! 
Thursday we had our annual interviews with President Douglas it went great!  On our way home we found a cute little puppy that was alone so, I picked it up and started carrying it home with us... no we are not allowed to have pets.... but don't worry~ we didn't keep it,  we gave it to our neighbors who wanted it! :)
That night we had an activity at a members house and talked about a new thing that we are starting here. (a missionary for a day). The activity was very well attended!
Saturday morning we were suppose to meet at the church with the members and go out with some of them...(missionary for a day),  well no one showed up. We waited for about 45mins,  it was only us missionaries there. So, Hna Colton and I left and went to a menos activos house and did service.  Our lessons with everyone that day was great.
Sunday was a great good day. We had about 7 investigators at church!!! Afterwards we ate with our Stake President and his family. They are so nice and the food was so good!
 We then had an activity for the Relief Society about  Visiting Teaching.  It was really good and I learned a lot about the importance of it.
Monday morning we got a phone call from our Zone Leaders asking us what our blood type was... I couldn't remember mine,  but Hna Colton was able to help out,  so we went to the children's hospital so that Hna Colton could donate blood to a little girl (Milagro) who was diagnosed with cancer in her stomach.
 Afterwards we were able to  meet the little girl.  She is 5 years old and just sits in a chair. (Holly it reminded me of you working at PCH). It reminded me how blessed I am for my health and  what I have in life. I hope that we can go back and visit her again!
We then can home and had some great citas and a really cool Noche De Hogar with a family in our ward! 
Tuesday we had a zone meeting. After we got home we went out to our citas... man we had some really hard citas that day,  but I learned a lot.
Today we finally washed our clothes after not being able to do that for about 2 weeks. :(
 I have written letters too!
Hna Colton is awesome... she keeps us going and motivated whenever we need it.
I hope you all have a great week! 
I love and miss you all! 
Hermana Heather Peugnet <3 

Mom you have asked me about my birthday a couple of times;  I have thought about it and for my birthday~all I want and ever want is to just spend it with those I love... and since I can't do that this year and if  you are thinking of sending me something, DON'T!! Just do me a favor and spend time with family to celebrate my birthday!! I have everything I need here. I am so blessed:)
TE QUIERO MUCHOOOOO!!!!! Black heart (cards)
Waiting to donate blood at the childrens hospital.

Hma Colton and I still waiting:)