Friday, November 29, 2013

My First Transfer!! 11-20-13 (pics)

Hey everyone I hope you are doing great!

This last week has been a little rough for me.  I found out Thursday night that I was being transferred. 
Friday we went and helped someone clean her house and then we went to a menos activo. She hadn't been coming to church for awhile and I felt I  needed to talk with her before I left. The spirit was so strong in our lesson. I could see tears in her eyes. Sunday she ended up coming to church  which was  awesome!
So this last week we just went and visited a lot of people and did some last minute things with Hna Mojica before I leave.
 Leaving has been so hard.... lots of tears. It was like I was leaving home all over again. Bonao had became my home; I had a family there and tons of friends. 
I am now in Puerto Plata. My new comp is Hna Lizardo. She has 7 months in the mission,  just 2 weeks more then I do and has been here since she has been out. She comes from a huge family. I dont really know much about her yet, we just met a couple hours ago. and I forgot where she is from but she does not know English. 
I haven't done much today just a lot of traveling. 
I hope you are all doing great i love you!!! 
Until next week! 
Hna Heather Peugnet Black heart (cards)


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