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Isaura's Baptism!! 3-18-14

Hello Everyone!
This last week was great. We are trying to work more with the members of the ward it is a little hard here, but things are getting better.
Thursday we planned for this next week and then did companion inventory. Our citas were ok, sadly though, a lot of them fell through.
We went to the Familia Ortiz´s house and they just told us funny stories the whole time we were there. I could totally sit and hear them tell stories all day they are so funny! The rest of the day was good. It started pouring that night I loved it!
Friday we went and visited Isaura right before her baptismal interview to see if she had any questions and to say a prayer before we headed over to the church. Well Isaura PASSED! YAY!!!!!
 After the interview we ¨Hna Colton¨ taught English to some missionaries in our zone. It is so fun teaching English but is a little hard because everyone is at different levels.
The rest of the day was great. We visited a lot of menos activos. When we got to one of  the houses  we noticed  there was a lot of yelling and  contention, but as we were visiting you could see a difference as we were bringing the Spirit in the house. It was cool seeing the difference when we left.
I really want to help this family out, but it is hard because they don´t want to go to church for algunos reasons.
 Our next menoss activo that we saw about half way through the lesson we started talking about food and planned a day for us to go over to her house and learn how to make a sort of dulce!
Our last cita was with Sandra. I love visiting her. She understands the Book of Mormon so good. I have never had a convert that reads the Book of Mormon like she does.  It is so awesome to hear about what she is learning about. She will sit there and tell you the stories perfectly. The spirit is always so strong with her. I love teaching her.
Saturday.... The day of Isaura´s baptism! YAY!! Well we took all day even in the morning walking to every members and investigators house inviting them to the baptism. We were planning on doing it just in the morning but our citas fell through in the afternoon so we continued on. We did all we could to do to get members to the baptism and everyone said that they were going to be there. After all our hard work of inviting people only a couple of members came to the baptism. It was hard to see happen. The baptism was so spiritual. Isaura was lighting up and it was so cool to see what an example that she is being for her sisters and dad.
Sunday Isaura got confirmed  and received the gift of the Holy Ghost! It was so cool! 
 Dailene and Maria came to church!  We had a lesson with Dailene last week and she told us she wouldn´t be able to come to church but it was cool to see that she changed her mind and was getting ready  when we got there. I hope she was able to feel the spìrit at church.
We visited Maris Polonia ¨a member¨ with the elders. I love visiting her. Everytime we visit I learn something new about her and her family. The spirit is so strong in that house and they are such a great example to me... especially her dad who does not come to church but part of his everyday routine is to  read in his scriptures. It is so cool!
That night we went to a Relief Society 172 Anniversary conference with our stake. It was so cool and the spirit was so strong,  especially the music I loved it!
Monday we had a district meeting in the morning and learned how we can work more with the members in our area.
 We had some awesome citas and a member was with us and becasue one of our citas fell through she took us to meet a menos activo that we did not know about.
 That night we had a NDH with Sandra and her kids with the Elders and talked about the Plan of Salvation. I Love the Plan of Salvation and for the opportunity that we are able to live together forever!
We then went to the Familia Rodriguez´s house and had another NDH and after the lesson we made carmel corn for them. They loved it.
Today has been a great day! I love you all and hope everything is going great!

Until next week!

Con mucho Amor,
Hermana Heather Peugnet <3
Next week emailing is back to Wednesday... tomorrow I have a conference with someone in the area  presidency... that is why my pday is today.
Dad keep your boot on... you don´t want to have that for longer then you need to.
Austin HAPPY Birthday!
Isaura's Baptism

Before Isaura's baptism

Isaura's baptism

Hermana Colton, Isaura and I

A WEEK OF CHANGE!! 3-26-14

Wednesday we went to the Zone conference with Elder Zivic.  Pres. Douglas came up to Hna Colton and I and we both had a personal interview with him. i learned so so much from him. He is truly a man called from God; he has a light in him that is incredible.
The conference was so good! I got to see Hna Lizardo(one of my former comps) and a whole bunch of other people.   It was such a miracle how much I had changed and I was the one that started to talk to the people in the rutas(taxi) even before Hna Colton (she is usually the one that starts conversations with strangers, but this time it was ME!) it was so cool.
That night we had a cita with the familia Diaz. It was the coolest lesson ever. The whole family was there and they all promised us that they would go to church on Sunday. 
Thursday we had intercambios (exchanges) it was a really good day.
 I was with Hermana Feliz. We had so many amazing lessons and I was able to see a difference in some of the people. We gave a couple a baptismal date, so that they can have a goal and see how things go as we are teaching them. The spirit was so strong.
Friday we did service in the morning and helped cook and clean a kitchen at a  community center; it was a lot of fun. We had some really good lessons too.
Saturday BAPTISM!!!!!!!!
Marianela got baptized! We weren't really that sure as we got closer to her baptism if we would still have it or not.  But  she passed her baptismal interview!!. After the interview we passed by the church and it was open but we had to go do something so we didn't go in... When we got back it was locked and our district leaders were locked inside. We had to wait 45mins for the Bishop come to open it up because we don't have keys and the Elders don't either because they are from a different building. It was an interesting adventure.
That afternoon we went home and an hour later left to go clean the church building with the young women's... man,  that was a lot of fun! We cleaned that building Dominican style- throwing water and soap everywhere. It was a lot of fun! Yes, it took a little longer than it probably should have,  but it was a fun service and now that church building is probably  the cleanest one here in this country!
After we did service wewent and changed and invited people to the baptism. We had a great turn out! It was so spiritual and awesome to see her change her life around and be an example to all of those around her.
Sunday the biggest thing happened.... the whole familia Diaz came to church! The missionaries have been working so hard with this family and they finally ALL came to church. It was the coolest thing ever to see! It seriously was a miracle!
Marianela got confirmed as a member of the church. She had such a light to her. It was so awesome!
The citas that we had that day were great.
Monday: HAPPY 11 MONTHS!!
We went to a salon and trimmed our hair. (pictures below) I was so nervous! It is not the same getting your hair cut here as it is in the states , but it all turned out good!
We had some really good citas we are working so hard on the menos activos here but it is hard! We went and visited the Familia Ortiz and I was sitting on the couch and their dog peed on me!!!! It was so nasty but really funny at the same time! lol :) That doesn't happen every day right.??? haha 
Tuesday we had a Zone conference and found out that Hna Colton was being transferred. So, we went and visited a lot of members and investigators that she wanted to say goodbye to. It has not been easy getting ready for her to leave.  She has done so much for me; it is going to be interesting without her here. Hna Colton seriously has helped me out and taught me so much these last 12 weeks that we had together.
Today was transfers and my new companion is Hermana Santana.  She is from here,  the capital but lived in Utah for school the last almost 2 yrs. She seems like a really nice girl. We have a lot to do this transfer. I am so excited to see all that goes on and what is in stored for us!  
Until next week!
I hope you have a great week!
Te Quiero Mucho!!! 

Hermana Heather Peugnet Black heart (cards)
Marianela's baptism 3-22-14


Marianela, Hermana Colton and ME!

Random dogs that showed up for the baptism:)


My Zone....Good Times:)

Ready, Set, GO! Getting my hair cut

Whew! Not too bad:)

Hermana Lizardo

Herman Colton

Saying goodbye at transfers

Friday, March 21, 2014

March 12th

Well this week was a great week. We did a lot and  wasI have learned a lot this week.

Thursday was a great day. We didn´t have that many lessons. It has been really hard doing that this last week... idk why. One of our lessons with Argenis who is not able to hear or talk. We took him and a friend to the internet center to look something up so that he will be able to understand the lessons. The church website is awesome and we found so much to help him... the only thing that is a problem is that it was all American Sign Language and he only understands a little bit of that. He does a lot of sign language in Spanish, but when we left the internet center he was so excited and wanted to share it with all of his friends. We then went and visited Elizabeth and Alberto. The obispo came with us and was awesome. He answered so many of their questions fast and simple for was awesome!

 Friday we had a Zone conference. Hna Colton and I had a capacitation... man i was so nervous. but I have learned a lot that if you just open your mouth the Lord will guide your words in and help others know that what you are saying is true. After the conference we went to a members house right away because she called needing something... in the ruta we met our first actual red head that is from here, it was so crazy, and also on our way to the members house there was a lady walking in front of us with a TSwift Speak Now Tour shirt on. Man I miss listening to music but it made me laugh. We ended up sitting with the member (Terasita) for 3 hrs waiting for someone to come to give her a priesthood blessing. While we waited we looked at all of the pictures that she has. The rest of the day was really good!
Saturday was a fun day. We visited people... we stopped at the Familia Ortiz´s house. That night we had an activity with Libertad another ward and played Human Foozball! it was a lot of fun everyone had a blast and was asking when we could play again and when the next big activity was. I was so nervous all day that not many people would come but by the end of the night I was so happy and having a blast!
Sunday we went to church. We went to go pick up the Familia Ortiz and Maria the mom was sick and but the daughter was feeling back to normal. We then went and passed by Isaura´s house an investigator and she already left for church. She has been coming to church for a long time and has already had all of the lessons. We asked her to be baptized the other week and she said yes and then 2 Sundays ago she said no that she needed to talk with us. So, after sacrament we talked with her and she said she still wants to get baptized just a different day and that is this Saturday!! That night at 5pm we had a devotional that we went to Isaura came with us. The spirit was so strong and I learned so much about the Restoration of the Gospel. President and Hna Douglas were the speakers at the devotional. We had a great time. Hna Colton and Isaura were laughing because I had brought us treats for the devotional. But at the end they said that they were so grateful for the treats! I knew they would be. After the devotional Isaura taught me not to be afraid.... She doesn´t know much English and she asked us how to say something; she then walked over to President Douglas and said ¨hi my name is Isaura, it is a pleasure to meet you.¨ Seeing her do that changed my view that I need to just open my mouth and talk to people. We have been focusing a lot on that right now in the mission but it is so hard for me. I get to scared of what the people will think and yes, I can speak Spanish, but no, it is not perfect, and so it scares me. I am getting so much better. Hna Colton has been daring me to talk to people and so I have been getting so much better but it is so hard. I know the spirit is always with me but it is so much different talking in English then it is in Spanish, but I know that the Lord is always Helping me!
Monday was a hard day. In the morning we had a District meeting. I always learn so much in those meetings. We didn´t have that many citas but we went and visited all the references that we have received and made a cita with them and all of the people that we could that were home. 
Tuesday we had some great citas.... I have a baptism this Saturday so we went over the baptismal questions and explained things when she (Isaura) didn´t understand. I am so excited for her, I will explain more later.  We went to a meeting for the relief society on how we could help them.
Today we played soccer and I also played catch (baseball) with a couple of people. Everyone asked me if I have ever played because I am so good... lol idk about that. I then cleaned my clothes and wrote letters!
I hope you have a great week! until next week!
Love you!
Hermana Heather Peugnet <3
PS remember next week... Tuesday 18th of March is my PDAY!

Human Foozeball

Isaura and I

Thursday, March 6, 2014


Hello Everyone!!
This week has been  awesome, so many things have happened.
Thursday we had a cita with a famiy that has been really hard for us for us to teach. (Elizabeth and Alberto) they ask a lot of questions, but they never let us explain or respond to their questions. Luckly this time we had a member with us that helped us out a lot but still it was a hard lesson. I wish they would just listen  and let us get through a lesson and explain the lessons to them.We just need to continue to pray and be patient with them. Other than that, the rest of the day was great.
Friday we taught a couple of missionaries English. That was a lot of fun. We also had a cita where our menos activo invited his baseball team to come over and to hear about the gospel. There were 14 people that came. It was a really neat experience. We are hoping that at least 1 from this group is interested and wants to learn more.
Saturday we had a lot of short but really powerful lessons. We are learning how to do that so that we can get more lessons done, but it is really hard especially with people that love to talk!
Sunday was fast sunday and it was raining just about all day! We had some great lessons.
Monday was a fun day. Hermana Colton and I were asked to help some dentist that came here to help La Accion a program to do dental work on some kids! We got chosen to be in the room with the dentist to translate what they were saying to the kids. It was so cool seeing teeth be transformed and we also saw a lot of teeth pulling because most of the kids here have really bad teeth it is so sad to see. It is from all of the soda and candy that they eat.
It is sure making me thankful for all that I have in my life.
The kids here are so brave/ strong/tough. The dentists didn't have all their usual supplies and equipment like they would use in the states, but they did an amazing job fixing the kids teeth and making their teeth look better!
 We then came home and went straight to our citas! We did a lot of service. I love serving people and the opportunity that I have to be here in the mission serving these people in the Republica Dominicana, Santiago La Union area.
We also met with a menos activo Paula. She is a very special lady.  I can not wait to help her to come back to church. It is just like with the Familia Ortiz,  it has been awesome to see them change.     They are able to see all of the blessings that they are receiving by making simple changes in their lives. Seeing them come to church and changing their lives have been one of the biggest blessings ever!
Tuesday we had a zone conference that was really good. I love zone conferences and district reunions, I always learn so much in them on how I can become a better missionary or person.
We had some awesome citas. We did some service and took some pictures for Mia's 1st Birthday It was so cool to do that for the family!
Today we went and saw a lot of people from Puerto Plata (one of my old areas) that I have been missing. It was awesome seeing them.
 We also got information to start teaching an English class in the institue. I am excited for that!

Well I've got to go, but I hope you have a great week!
Until Next week! TE QUIERO MUCHO!!!!
Hermana Heather Peugnet <3
PS Next week Tuesday March 18th will be my pday not Weds the 19th.
Mia's 1st Birthday


Mia's family in front of their home


Zone Conference!

Translators for American dentist

At the dentist clinic

Zone Conference


Teaching English