Friday, September 27, 2013

P-Day Road Trip!

Hello EveryoneJ                                                                9-26-13

This last week a lot has happened and it has been great!!!

Wednesday after we emailed we went on a little road trip with Alfa, one of our investigator so that we could get some rugs.  She also took us to a river. It was a lot of fun... (Pictures coming soon).

Thursday there was a huge rain storm but luckily we had already left and were in an investigators house before it started. It is so funny the people here are terrified of the thunder and lightning 

The spirit was so strong in our lesson with Alfa on Thursday. We keep talking to her about her baptism. She knows she is going to get baptized it is just, when it is going to actually happen. We found out that she’s been praying for a date (December). The rest of our lessons were really good.

Friday not much happened we just had our normal lessons and the day was good.

Saturday we went over to Alfa’s early so I could cook lunch (spaghetti and fritos). We were running late so I told Hna Porter that I would take her backpack and then we started running. Everyone was yelling at Hna Porter saying that I had 2 backpacks and I was still ahead of her... It was really funny. After lunch I was cleaning up and all of a sudden Hna Porter and Alfa are laughing... Hna Porter had given Alfa a wedgie! That´s what you get here because the people’s underwear here are always showing. They also both had fun because they were both blaming everything that happened on me. Our day was just filled with tons of laughter.

Sunday church was really good! The Spirit was so strong. Alfa told me that she got her answer but wasn´t going to tell me until Monday. Well I got it out of her when they were announcing the people that are getting baptized on Saturday and she said that she was going to too. Hna Porter (she sits on the stand) saw the whole thing and told them to announce Alfa too. She was so confused on how they knew!!! LOL :) After church we went to Margarita’s for dinner and we ate rice, ham, and salad. It was really good!

Monday was a really good day! However we had to change some of our plans because of the” huelga” (people burn things in the middle of the roads to protest for something and the police get involved and shoot or throw tearing grenades) was going on. So we had to be extra careful!!!!

Tuesday was some kind of Catholic holiday so everything was closed and we also had a service project. We went and cleaned up next to a river. Then after that we had a Relief Society activity where they made desserts (they don´t know what desserts are here) and had a competition. We were the judges Afterwards we went over to President Valdez’s house for dinner and ate some really good food (rice, chicken, different meat, etc.)! That day was really exhausting from all the sun I got from cleaning up at the river.

Wednesday we had a sister conference and that is why I wasn’t able to email yesterday. It was so good seeing all of the sisters in the mission there are like 50 something of us! We learned about opening our hearts like Christ! I learned a lot!

So my companion goes home the 9th of Oct. I am a little excited so that I can learn new things and improve my Spanish even better. I know it won´t be easy but I think I am ready!!!!

This last week was really good! I hope you guys have a great week I love you!!!!

Until Next Week!!!!!!


Hermana Heather Peugnet <3

PS A Picture posting will be coming soon!!


PS I go to the dentist Tuesday I think to get my wisdom teeth pulled out.... Pray For Me I am sooooo nervous!!!!!  The dentist in Arizona told me I didn’t need them outL But they are really bothering me.



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