Sunday, October 27, 2013

Time is Flying By! 10-2-13

 this week has been great, it has gone by so fast!!!!

Thursday -Alfa had her interview!!!! it was a great day.  We had a lot of wonderful cita's. The people in our area are kind of slowing down in helping us out which kind of stinks.... Thursday for  our activity at the church we watched 17 Miracles. It is a really good movie and I would  recommend it to everyone! 
Friday- we got the opportunity to go to the temple with the Partridges!!!! I love going to the temple it is such a wonderful place. I  got to see all of my teachers in the CCM as well.  They were all impressed with how my spanish is coming a long.  It was really cool to see them! For lunch we went to TACO BELL!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, my word!  That was awesome!! It was so nice to have American food!! We then came back and were still able to have quite a bit of cita's which was really cool!
Saturday!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIC! ! I hope you had a great day!!! Also saturday was Alfa's baptism.  It was a great day:)  Afterwards we went and ran errands. Then we went to Alfa's and helped picked out her outfit and got her daughter Almayha ready! We then walked home.... it started raining really hard,  we were pretty scared we wouldn't make it back to the church! We got home changed and then walked back to the church to do our make-up and hair because we didn't have electricity in our apartment. It was soooo hot in there too! It is so hard putting make-up on when you are dripping with sweat!!!!! Alfa's baptism was so good.  The spirit was so strong and it was a lot of fun! After the baptism we stayed at the church and watched the Relief Society broadcast. It was really good, I enjoyed watching that!
Sunday Alfa was confirmed a member of the church!  After church we went to Alfa's for lunch and had  taco's. We finished the day with some awesome cita's. 
Monday- we had exchanges for the day.  That was a lot of fun! We got a lot done and got to visit a lot of people in our area. We realized how much people actually watch us,  because Hna Porter said a lot of people kept asking where I was- even people we never talked too. It's interesting.... It is important to always remember to be an example of Jesus Christ!!!! 
Tuesday we went to the dentist!! I got my TOP 2 wisdom teeth pulled!!!!! The dentist was really nice and  is a member of the church and he  made sure that i was totally  numbed on the side he was working on before he started!!! It actually wasn't too bad. I didn't swell at all which is AWESOME! He wasn't able to do all four because he had used a lot of pain meds already and wanted to be safe. But said I can go back in a month to get the other 2 taken out. I don't know what I'll do, I haven't decided. After the dentisit we went to Alfa's and she made me some soft food that I was able to eat. It was really good but I don't really know what it was. The rest of the day we didn"t do much.
Today we came to Santiago. It has been a fun day. I haven't been in much pain,  but have been careful with what I have eaten. 
Hope you have a great week! Until next week!
I love you all!!!
Hermana Heather Peugnet <3

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