Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Hello Everyone!

I just spent most of my precious emailing time on a long message, only to have it disappear/deleted just as I was getting ready to send it:(     I don't know what happened!!

I can not believe I just lost everything! I don't have time to write any more,  so I will write a physical letter for you guys of what went on this week. (Mom, will you just copy it onto my blog when it arrives?)

Well this week was great, There was a lot that happened. 
It was a hard week, a lot of ups and downs,  but I learned a lot.
I hope all is going great there,  I will just write this in a letter for you guys of what went on because I do not have  any time left! 
At least my pictures weren't deleted!! Enjoy them. We went on a hike today up El Pico with some Elders. We left at 5:45 am and were gone til 2:30 pm. It was so fun. We saw a lot of cows and other interesting things along the way,  as well as some beautiful views of Santiago!
 I love it here:)
I love you all! 
Hermana Heather Peugnet
PS. Mom can you ask people to write to me? They can use a regular US stamp and send it to the Florida address. There is a company that sends it to us here.
Send letters to:
Hermana Heather Peugnet
SDQ 8013
PO BOX 025725
MIAMI, FLORIDA  33102-5725
Our investigators daughter Angeli

Dinner at a members home

Roadside traveler on our way to our hike

Angeli and I eating crepes

On the way to our hike

a town we passed through on our way to El Pico

they were a little leery of us

At the top of El Pico

Beautiful View

Breath taking!


start of our hike at 5:45 am
Hma Colton and I

We made it to the top!
Hma Colton and I

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