Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Isaura's Baptism!! 3-18-14

Hello Everyone!
This last week was great. We are trying to work more with the members of the ward it is a little hard here, but things are getting better.
Thursday we planned for this next week and then did companion inventory. Our citas were ok, sadly though, a lot of them fell through.
We went to the Familia Ortiz´s house and they just told us funny stories the whole time we were there. I could totally sit and hear them tell stories all day they are so funny! The rest of the day was good. It started pouring that night I loved it!
Friday we went and visited Isaura right before her baptismal interview to see if she had any questions and to say a prayer before we headed over to the church. Well Isaura PASSED! YAY!!!!!
 After the interview we ¨Hna Colton¨ taught English to some missionaries in our zone. It is so fun teaching English but is a little hard because everyone is at different levels.
The rest of the day was great. We visited a lot of menos activos. When we got to one of  the houses  we noticed  there was a lot of yelling and  contention, but as we were visiting you could see a difference as we were bringing the Spirit in the house. It was cool seeing the difference when we left.
I really want to help this family out, but it is hard because they don´t want to go to church for algunos reasons.
 Our next menoss activo that we saw about half way through the lesson we started talking about food and planned a day for us to go over to her house and learn how to make a sort of dulce!
Our last cita was with Sandra. I love visiting her. She understands the Book of Mormon so good. I have never had a convert that reads the Book of Mormon like she does.  It is so awesome to hear about what she is learning about. She will sit there and tell you the stories perfectly. The spirit is always so strong with her. I love teaching her.
Saturday.... The day of Isaura´s baptism! YAY!! Well we took all day even in the morning walking to every members and investigators house inviting them to the baptism. We were planning on doing it just in the morning but our citas fell through in the afternoon so we continued on. We did all we could to do to get members to the baptism and everyone said that they were going to be there. After all our hard work of inviting people only a couple of members came to the baptism. It was hard to see happen. The baptism was so spiritual. Isaura was lighting up and it was so cool to see what an example that she is being for her sisters and dad.
Sunday Isaura got confirmed  and received the gift of the Holy Ghost! It was so cool! 
 Dailene and Maria came to church!  We had a lesson with Dailene last week and she told us she wouldn´t be able to come to church but it was cool to see that she changed her mind and was getting ready  when we got there. I hope she was able to feel the spìrit at church.
We visited Maris Polonia ¨a member¨ with the elders. I love visiting her. Everytime we visit I learn something new about her and her family. The spirit is so strong in that house and they are such a great example to me... especially her dad who does not come to church but part of his everyday routine is to  read in his scriptures. It is so cool!
That night we went to a Relief Society 172 Anniversary conference with our stake. It was so cool and the spirit was so strong,  especially the music I loved it!
Monday we had a district meeting in the morning and learned how we can work more with the members in our area.
 We had some awesome citas and a member was with us and becasue one of our citas fell through she took us to meet a menos activo that we did not know about.
 That night we had a NDH with Sandra and her kids with the Elders and talked about the Plan of Salvation. I Love the Plan of Salvation and for the opportunity that we are able to live together forever!
We then went to the Familia Rodriguez´s house and had another NDH and after the lesson we made carmel corn for them. They loved it.
Today has been a great day! I love you all and hope everything is going great!

Until next week!

Con mucho Amor,
Hermana Heather Peugnet <3
Next week emailing is back to Wednesday... tomorrow I have a conference with someone in the area  presidency... that is why my pday is today.
Dad keep your boot on... you don´t want to have that for longer then you need to.
Austin HAPPY Birthday!
Isaura's Baptism

Before Isaura's baptism

Isaura's baptism

Hermana Colton, Isaura and I

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