Wednesday, April 9, 2014

General Conference (4-9-14)

Thursday was a good day,  we did a lot. We planned for the next week all morning. We did intercambios (Someone who will talk with you in Spanish, an then in exchange you will talk with them in  English)  with a couple of members which was awesome.  We got a lot of citas done.
Friday was an interesting day. We both woke up not feeling good with the worst headaches ever so after we had our companion study we took a nap for about an hour, hoping it would help us feel better.... I wish it would have taken the pain away,  but it didn´t.:(   It didn't stop us from going out and doing the Lords work. We went and visited  several people.  We visited a lady named Evelyn who is a menos active (less active)... we had a really good lesson with her.  When we first saw her she told us not today.  We asked her if she was sure she wanted us to leave and she changed her mind. At the end of the lesson she was thankful that we had talked to her and that she had changed her mind because  she felt better after talking to us. That night we had English class at the church. It is so much fun teaching English...  and at the same time it always helps me with my Spanish too.
Saturday we went and cleaned the church in the morning before Conference. A little bit later we went to the store to grab a couple of treats to share for Conference. We didn't get to watch Conference because the connection was bad but,  we did get to listen to it with the Familia Oritz. It was hard listening with their little girl running around and people talking & asking questions. However it was a fun expereince!
Sunday Conference was the same as Saturday (bad connection, so we only got to listen) except this time other  members came too. They brought their kids into the room where we were trying to listen to Conference just to hang out and talk, like we were there to babysit. It was a little interesting but funny at the same time.
I just cannot wait to read it in the Liahonna so that i can study it and get something out of it...
Monday was a good day we had a district meeting and learned a lot like always. We had some amazing citas. It is so cool to see how that  the gospel can change peoples lives for the best, and to see people that actually want to change their lives and come unto Christ. At the end of the night we had a NHD with Sandra, her son Andy and the Elders. We talked about baptism. I sure hope one day he will get baptized and see all of the blessings that God has in store for him. We actually talked a lot about about baptism that day.
Tuesday  morning we helped the Familia Ortiz move. Yes, it is possible to move someone in just 2 hours and  we did it! When we arrived nothing had been packed... so when we got there we started from scratch. It was a lot of fun! Later we had a couple of citas with menos activos that have been hard for us to get a hold of.. It was awesome to finally be able to get to meet with them. We, actually Hna Santana taught English.  It was so much fun watching her teach English. I helped her when she was stuck. We were only teaching how to introduce ourselves so it was pretty easy.
Last week we worked a lot with the menos activos that we have. During this transfer it is my goal to activate a couple of the menos activos because we have so many in our area.
Our companionship is getting so much better too. We are learning from each other.
Until next week! 
I hope you have a great week!
Te Quiero Mucho!!! 

Hermana Heather Peugnet
General Conference with Familia Oritz

General Conference with Familia Oritz

Moving day for Familia Oritz

Moving Day:)

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