Thursday, April 17, 2014

Semana Santa

Wow! What a week I can't believe that it is already Wednesday. We have done so much this week and have had a lot of success.
Thursday was planning in the morning. We had some really good lessons today. We were suppose to have an activity but idk (I don't know) what happened, but it got cancelled.
Friday we had intercambios. I went to Los Reyes (neighboring town)  with Hna Feliz. While we were walking to a cita for the first time since I have been here or that I can remember, some guy saw us walking and he started talking saying that I need to return to where I belong and that I need to leave his "place" here the Dominican Republic.... he just  kept going on and on talking saying I don't belong here. After we passed him we just started laughing and thinking it was funny. It was a lot of fun being in Los Reyes with  Hna Feliz.,  but I missed not  being in La Unión.
Saturday we got up earlier than normal so that we could go to the church to play basketball with the Elders. That was a lot of fun. I hadn't played in forever.  Afterwards we traveled back home. It was so nice to come back to La Unión. We had some good, hard, interesting citas.
Sunday we sang in church.... YES!!! I sang in church. I know~ right?? I can't sing,  but everyone here thinks I can. They might be deaf or something. lol! We sang A Child's Prayer. I sang in English and Hna Santana sang one verse in English with me and then when we combined she sang in Spanish and Manuela (a member) sang in Spanish. it turned out really cool and everyone loved it! Our day was awesome we had some really good citas and did a lot of service.
Monday was a really good day. We had so many citas. At the house of one of our citas a guy showed up and started flirtting with me and asking if I need anything..?  He said he will buy me anything I want and that he will come to church. Man,  it was so funny we were all cracking up. In one of our citas I was talking to an investigator that has had a lot of time with the missionaries; I was inspired to ask if she has ever asked God if this is the true church. Come to find out they have not so we challenged them to ask God. That  cita was very spiritual and really cool. I recommend anyone that doesn't know if this church is true to pray and ask God before you deny what you have not done to know for yourself.
 After that lesson it was  a members 8th birthday  and her baptism. It was a lot of fun going to her baptism.... Here is the DR when you say it starts at one time, it really  won´t start until an hour later. The baptism was so spiritual! I know that this church is true and I am so thankful for the opportunuity that I have to share this message with others to  help change lives.
Tuesday  was a wonderful day! We went on intercambios all day with a couple of members so we a lot of citas that day. Hna Santana and her member went and contacted  and my member and I went to the citas that we already had planned.
 We received a directory of all the members in the ward and there are 207 families. We only have about 15 or less that come to church every Sunday so we have a lot of work to do with the menos activos.
We had another English class . I  like teaching English.
Wednesday, (today) we went to the misión home to see the Doctor... because the pain still hasn´t gone away and now not only is it my chest it is my stomach and head too. I got that checked out and I got some medicine to take. On our way to the mission home we met a girl that is studying abroad here and is from St. Louis.
She was so nice, she didn't live in our área but we did give her a folleto with our number on it.
 After we saw the doctor we actually took a shower at the mission home because our water never came today and we felt nasty. For the first time in a long time I took a really nice HOT shower!!! It was awesome!
While in a ruta (taxi) we saw a SUBWAY that is being built here in Santiago; that was the coolest thing to see.  I miss Subway so much! Later on while walking to catch a ruta a guy on the street asked me if I wanted icecream and that he would buy for me... I told him no thanks! Man,  if i wasn't feeling sick maybe I would have said yes, haha:). Hna Santana just makes fun of me because the guys here are always asking me if I want something. (that's pretty common here with Americans) I told her we are going to start giving them pamphlets everytime they do that now.
It's the end of our day and we are emailing.  We have a good night planned and rest of the week planned for us. 
This week is going to be awesome because we have a lot of members planning to go out with us because they don't have anything else to do this week because everything is pretty much shut down for Semana Santa (Semana Santa is the Spanish term for Holy Week, the week preceding Easter) the people here are out of school all week and there is more drinking and partying in the streets.
We have Heard the weekend is even worse. Don´t worry we will be careful!
 I hope everyone has a HAPPY EASTER!
I love and miss you guys!
Until next week!
I hope you have a great week!

Hermana Heather Peugnet Black heart (cards)
Hermana Santana and I

Hermana Santana

A ward member and I


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