Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Eilana's baptism!


Friday we had Eliana´s baptism!!!! Yay I am so excited for this girl she is such a great example. I know that she has a bright future ahead of her. She is going to bless her family forever.

Saturday we had a Stake Conference and were in the chior. After the chior we went out with a member and afterwards she invited  us to her house. We cooked dinner and spent some time with her. She has two kids that are members as well, but they  are not active. It was cool learning from her and giving her  support and reminding her that all that she is doing is blessing her family and that in the future all will be ok.  

Sunday we  had Stake conference again and after the conference we got invited to go eat with President and Hermana Douglas. The  food was so good. That afternoon we left with Christina (a member) we walked to  Campo Ferrnandez to visit a couple of her friends (walked more than 2 miles to their  houses). One of them was really good and the spirit was so strong, she asked a lot of really good questions. The other cita was a little harder.  It was with someone that doesnt believe in God. I have gone through that before.. I just dont understand,  but it was really good the spirit was strong in his lesson. The difference with him and others I have delt with before, was that this one will think and doesn't just argue back at us. Then we walked back to Christinas house to drop her off. 

Monday we were in Santiago and it was a lot of fun.  We went to the dr meeting for  Hna Manarang. We didnt get home until after 7 and then we went straight to a NDH with Jazmín and her  family  with the Elders it was such a good cita.      

Tuesday we had a zone meeting. I found out that my new companion is Hna Bowen. We went to Burger King for lunch one last time with the Elders and then said goodbye to everyone. 

Wednesday( today)  has just been traveling and picking up my new companion. It is so weird not being with Hna Manarang I already miss her.  
We have a lot to do here in this area.  I am excited to work with my new companion and to see what the  Lord has in stored for us. 

I love and miss you guys!
Until next week!
I hope you have a great week!

Hermana Heather Peugnet  <3
some sites of the Dominican Republic

Sister Conference

Eilana's baptism 6-14-14

Eilana 6-14-14

Santigo Mission Sister conference

Ward member's at Eilana's baptism:)

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