Thursday, June 26, 2014

Never Judge a Book by it's Cover

This week has been such a huge change for the best!
I have only had one week with Hermana Bowen and it has been great. At the beginning of this transfer I was really scared because I had heard so many things bad and good about my new companion so I didnt know what to think or do. Our companionship did start off a little interesting... As we have gotten to know each other this last week and after all of the billions of time laughing at one another I know that we are going to be great friends. We are always talking and telling stories. One thing that we have both agreed on it that you cant judge someone with out getting to know them first. Because we both did that to one another and thought that this was going to be a hard transfer, but literaly once we got into the house after traveling all day we started talking and getting to know each other. I have learned a lot from Hna Bowen so far; she is a great person and missionary.
Hna Bowen is from Salt Lake City, Utah. She is the youngest of 3 in her family and is 19 years old. She has been out in the mission for 5 months and is in her 3rd area in the mission. 
This last week I have learned alot in trusting in the Lord as well and also I have seen a lot of Milagros (miracles) in this area since transfers. 
Since I have been with Hna Bowen people that we had been teaching before with Hna Manarang have changed a lot for the good too. We are gaining their trust in us and things are going great. I knew before that the spirit plays a big part in the lessons when we are teaching , but last transfer was a little hard for me to always feel and follow the spirit, because so many of other things between the companionship drove it away. However the spirit has been a huge part between Hna Bowen and I especially this last week, and now that we have a clean house too we will be able to feel it even more  (yesterday we spent 4 hours deep cleaning the apartment , it was so nasty we found mold in some parts of it too) . 
Last Wednesday we were waiting for our English class to start a member called us and told us that he had some friends that were at the church waiting for us that wanted to learn more about the church. so we went over to teach them. Their names are Tamara and Erílina. They are Haitians and dont speak or understand much spanish but we have been going really slow with them. They are loving the things that we are teaching them. I love just seeing their faces light up because the spirit has been strong everytime that we have taught them. On Sunday when they walked into Sacrament Meeting....  Hna Bowen and I looked over at each other our faces just lite up and we both got the biggest smiles, it was like we were little kids receiving the best present ever in our life.
Sunday we went out with Christina we went to go teach a friend (Stephany) but we didn't know where this friend actually lived, we just had an apartment name. After about 5 or 10 minutes of walking we found the apartment building. We still didn't know what apartment it was,  so we push an intercom to get into the building. The person who  opened the door was someone we actually ended up contacting (teachinig) and we were with him (Daniel) for over an hour. He had so many questions for us the spirit was so strong in his lesson. The hard thing is that he is only here on the weekends and during the week he is in Santiago for work.  After we left his house we went to go find Stephany and taught her as well. 
The other days of the week were really good. We had meetings and have done a lot of contacting close to our house. Hopefully some of the people that we have contacted have felt the spirit, and that they will like to learn more and take this message into their lives and invites us back to teach them.
I have seen a huge difference in my life these last 14months of my life becasue of this Gospel and the mission. One thing that I have learned is that it is very important is to trust in God, and that He has a plan for everyone and everything. I know that his angels are always preparing people to listen and to accept the Gospel. I have learned the importance of listening to the spirit especially when we are lost and want to give up because we have no idea what else we could do. This mission has been the biggest blessing in my life and I am so grateful for it and that opportunity that I have to help others have the same happiness that I have in my life. 
I don't know why but one thing that has gotten to me that I am really scared of is that I will be home in less then 4 months. I don't want this experience to end. When ever someone asks me how much time I have in the mission and I tell them ¨14 months¨ the next response from them is "oh you don't have that much time left." it is so true... I did not think that 18 months would go by as fast as it has~ it is so crazy, but I am so grateful for the time I have had and plan on using these next 4 months working hard and doing all I can to help the people here so that they can live with their families forever just like I can.
Yesterday while we were walking to email someone stopped us and asked if we could do a service... so that is why we are emailing today. 
I love and miss you guys!
Until next week!
I hope you have a great week!

Hermana Heather Peugnet  <3
view from our apt. Notice the dark gray skies?


Me, Christina and Hermana Bowen
We made brownies for Christina's birthday:)

frozen yogurt with members

memory wall

My new companion Hma Bowen,
my former companion Hma Colton and me:)

Interesting trash cans, underground

Conference this week in Santiago

Hermana Bowen

Waiting for a meeting to start:)

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