Monday, July 21, 2014

Tree of Life 7-16-14


So this last week we meet a lot of new people that we are teaching. Our agendas are finally filling up in this area with citas. It is so awesome,  it seriously has been a milagro (miracle). 
This last week we had a lot on our plates because we were planning a really huge activity about the Tree of Life. We were both a little worried how things were going to go... I think Hna Bowen was a little more stressed out than I was. But anyways, it was all good. 
Our activity was Saturday night. All day Saturday we were running around getting things ready and making refreshments. By the time the activity came around no one was there;(. About 2 hours later we finally started it with about 30-35 people there. The activity actually ended up turning out really good. The only thing that was a bummer was that we were hoping  more people would have showed up. 
In the activity we taught about the Tree of Life and Lehi's vision. After wards  we had the game part. We set up rope every where and they were going to be blind folded and have to start at one end of the church and end at the other end, The rope took them into different directions and  there were also good and evil people to guide them into the right or wrong pathway. It was a lot of fun everyone. I enjoyed watching the people and seeing all of our hard work pay off.   

Sunday right after sacrament we heard a little bit of comotion that was happening behind us. Next thing  I see is Tamara and Erlina and 3 of their other siblings and their kids walking into the chapel. It was so cool seeing them all come to church. The all looked so happy and I am so glad that they were able to make it. I really do hope the best for this family. Later that afternoon we did an activity with all of the missionaries. We went to one area and split with members to  visit menos activos and help bring them back to church.  

Monday we went out. A member called us before we left and told us that she didn't have school and wanted to know if she could go with us.  Of course we said yes! It always helps when we have members in the lessons.

Tuesday [yesterday] we stayed inside because we got notification not to leave our house because it was very dangerous because the people were going on strike and when the people go on strike here they go crazy and it is very dangerous,  practically no one is in the streets except police and unsafe people. 

We are working with a couple of new people. One of our new investigators  name is Luisa. She is almost 20 years olds and is from New York but is here during the summer visiting her mom. Her mom and little brother are members of the church. She knows nothing about the bible or anything. Over time we have  slowly been gaining her trust in us;  one day while we were sharing with her mom we ended up sharing a little bit about our message to her and she loved it and started asking us a lot of questions. The other day we went to visit and I asked her if she was reading her pamphlet we left her. She told me "yes, I read it everynight,  it helps me sleep." When she said that I got goose bumps and just felt the spirit so strong. I love teaching her,  I feel like I  have known her forever. The sad thing is that she will be going back to the states in August. I hope the best for her. I have already seen blessing in her life since she has started sitting down and listening to the lessons.
Today I went to the medical to get some tests done because they wanted to know if I had the Chinkungua virus or TB ( because I was teaching someone that has it), or something else. 

We still do not know what I have. I am in so much pain all over my body and am very nauseaous all the time. I haven't been eating very well becasue of it. 

The person that took us  is a doctor and he found this clinic,   so I got special treatment and they took me back right away. You usually have to wait hours to be seen. 
Next week I will tell you what I have.... we know I don't have TB or danguea which is like chinkunguea. 

I love and miss you guys!
Until next week!
I hope you have a great week!

Hermana Heather Peugnet  <3
Our Tree of Life activity

Hma Bowen and I at the activity

Me at the medical

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