Thursday, July 3, 2014

Another Great Week!! + LOTS OF PICTURES:)

well this last week has been great...

First off i would like to say.... Happy 4th of July ¨tomorrow¨!!!! Celebrate it great! I miss the holidays and spending time with the family.  

Unfortunately I dont remember a lot that happened this last week. So this email is going to be a little short.
We are doing a lot of service. A lot of people that we visit have been getting this new disease here called the chikungunya (its a disease similar to the flu that is transmitted from mosquitos). So when we get to  investigators homes we have been ending up doing the things that they actually haven't been able to do.
We also are finding a lot of new people to teach which is awesome. I can not wait to see the progress of the people. 
We have been teaching a lot... man, I cant believe I can't remember that much that has gone on this week. 
One story I would like to share is about an investigator that we have been trying to work with. This investigators daughter is a member of the church and comes to church every week and wants us to work on the rest of her family. So we decided that we would pass by more and try to get the confidence of the mom. A couple of weeks ago we passed by and found she was doing laundry but didn't want or need our help... (we always tell the people  we are  here to help and do service). A couple days later we found out at church that she had gotten the chikungunya. So we passed by and asked if there was anything that we could do at the time she said no not anymore but that if we had passed by a day earlier then yeah we could of helped. Everytime since then when we pass by she offer us to sit and relax but we always offer to serve, but they never have anything for us to do. The other day we sat down for a little bit and the mom sat with us. She started telling us that if she was Mormon that she  wouldn't   be able to share the Gospel with others because she has a hard time talking to others . We explained to her it comes in time the knowledge and the courage to talk to others about our beliefs. That night was very spiritual talking to her and at the same time her daughter was with us. The mom,  when she does get baptize and become a member of this church will be a strong member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The other night we had a first actual cita with her and her husband. We have been trying so hard to gain their confidence in us and seeing them change and open up  has been a blessing and the cita's have been so spiritual. I know that they could feel the spirit  strongly especially testifying of the truthfulness that through this Gospel it gives families the unity, happiness, peace, love of God that they need in their lives. 
I have seen this in my life and am so grateful for this Gospel that I have in my life. I know that through all of the hard times that pass through my life it is just to help me grow and strengthen my faith in the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  
Another thing that I have learned on the mission is that we will never have a full knowledge of things, but that the more we study and learn the more we expand our knowledge that we will have that to help us in the long run. It is just like in school... you can't really pass a class or a test without studying or paying attention and that is what our life here on earth is about.  It is like school we have to always do what we can to know the things that our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ wants us to know. 

I love and miss you guys!
Until next week!
I hope you have a great week!

Hermana Heather Peugnet  <3
The daughter of a Haitian sister we are teaching.
Isn't she beautiful!!??

Hermana Bowen and I with investigators

Children of some Haitian sisters we are teaching

Hermana Bowen and I at the beach

Hermana Bowen and I


Near the beach

Lunch with the Elders at Pizza Hut!!

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