Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My First Baptism!

Another great week:)
-Thursday we had intercambio's (exchanges) with Hna's Mendez and Reyes. It was a really good day.
 We had an activity at the church in the evening. A lot of people came and it was really fun.
A member that had been out with Hna Porter was so excited to see me... I didn´t know why,  but I found out that Hna Porter told her that I was transfered and she was sad that I never said goodbye to her.
 She was glad to see I was still there.  I'm not ready to leave Bonao anytime soon,  I love the people here too much!
-Friday Bienvenido had his baptism interview and he passed! YAY!!! :)
 We also taught a couple that the husband is a member and the wife's not. That lesson was so cool because normally the wife just leaves the room  when we are over but this time she didn't.
 We talked about The Restoration of the Gospel.  The spirit was so Strong in that lesson, and she was participating and asking us questions which was so cool!
-Saturday  morning we cleaned the baptism font and set up the room for the baptism that night at 7.
We didn't plan many cita's because of Bienvenido's baptism,  so that we could go back to the house and get ready for it.
 The baptism was such an awesome experience. There were so many people who came out and supported him; we also had a couple of other investigators that came to watch too.
 I am so glad he was my first baptism. I've learned so much from him over the time that I've been here teaching him. His faith in God and Jesus Christ is so STRONG! I don't know if I've ever seen him smile as big as I did after he was baptized. It was awesome! He also bore his testimony for us and that was really cool too hear!
-Sunday Bienvenido was confirmed a member of the church.
 We walked a lot on Sunday. Our first cita it took us about an hour to walk to. I didn't mind it,  I love the exercise and I get to see more when I'm walking.
-Monday we had  Noche De Hogar ( Family Home Evening) at Jarom and Zuleika's house. I taught the lesson about prayer and the importance of it. We then played a couple of games.
The Elders in our area stopped by towards the end and when we were leaving they walked us to our apartment.
-Tuesday (yesterday) I had a drunk guy get really mad at me because I wouldn't give him any money.
 After he was done yelling and telling me I was going to hell because I wouldn't give him anything he started walking away.
 When he had walked past me he  pushed me into Hna Porter. Hna Porter didn't like that, so she said "Excuse Me??"... He then turned around with his hand raised with and empty beer bottle in it like he was going to throw it at us.
 I don't know what happened,  but he then turned around and started walking away.
One example that GOD does PROTECT His Missionaries!
 We then went and taught an investigator named July. Before we left she told me that my Spanish is improving so much each day. I love hearing that,  especially from other people.
 I know that it's not me talking because I can never remember  the things I say in the lessons.
  I know for a fact that God is Always with me and that He is Always helping me out and won't let me fail. I know that the Lord is using me as an instrument to teach His children here in the Dominican Republic!!!
I hope you guys are all doing great and that you have a great week! Until next week!!!
I love you!!!
Hermana Heather Peugnet <3
I remembered the pictures this week!
 Hermana Porter & I
 Disgusting cow intestines
 Look at the size of this avocado!


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