Saturday, August 10, 2013


Hey Everyone!
I am doing great!  I hope you all are doing good as well:)
This last week was a really good week.
Thursday evening we finally had a lot of people come to  the activity at church. It was a lot of fun. It ended up being  a question and answer session for the  investigators and menos activos (less actives) that came.
Friday and Saturday were good days. We have been working really hard!
 Friday night was a terrible night though. Our electricity was out most of the night (so we couldn't use a fan to circulate the air). I was  up about 3 hours that night and didn't get much sleep. It was so hot that I finally jumped in the shower in my clothes and then went back to bed wet!. It felt so good!
Sunday was fast and testimony meeting. I love testimony meeting here.  One of our menos activos came to church so we sat with her. She bore her testimony with me and Hermana Porter.
 I can't believe it is already August!... July went by so fast. We went over to a members house for lunch after church. We ate salad, rice, plátano fritos (my favorite), and mondongo (cow intestines). I will never eat that stuff ever again!  It was the nastiest thing that I have ever eaten. It was in a soup but I  could still taste the "game" part of the animal. At least I can say that I've eaten it and have had that experience. Not only did it taste bad,  but I could still tell what it was in the soup,  so that didn't make it any better. The rest of our day was really good.
Monday was a wonderful day! We had a meeting with our zone and talked about how we could be better missionaries. At first it was a little slow but then it got really good!
 We visited Hermana Rosa and after our message she gave us some yummy food! We ate small mashed bananas, eggs and avocado.
After we visited her we had a Noche De Hogar (FHE) with Julissa and she gave us the lesson. She did really good. After the lesson she had also made us food and so we ate spaghetti, and plátano fritos!!! :) I was so happy that we were going running Tuesday morning after all the food we had eaten that day!
Tuesday was a good day. We had some awesome cita's and we are preparing one of our investigators,  Bienvenido for his baptism this Saturday (August 10th) !!!
I hope you guys have a great week. I love you!!!
Hermana Heather Peugnet <3

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  1. Way to go to eat all of those foods. I would STARVE!!!! So glad to hear you are doing well... :) Terri :)