Thursday, February 27, 2014

Feeling Very Loved!! 2-27-14

Well this last week was a blast! I couldn't have asked for a better Birthday Week!

Thank you to all of you that wished me a Happy Birthday -it was a great day, I loved it so much! 

Last Thursday we went and visited a less active family, The Familia Ortiz. They are an awesome family  from the United States. They have gone through so much and has fallen off of the band wagen. But now they are wanting to come back to church! It was so crazy teaching someone in English. I don't have time to tell you everything about this family,  but I am so excited to help them return to activity! I will write a letter telling you  more about them... 
Friday....(My Birthay) Was just a wonderful day. I felt  love from so many people! Hna Colton woke me up with one of our favorite songs and then made blue berry pancakes and a smoothie for me. We had a Hermana's Reunion that morning and left early because Alfa (a sister I taught and was baptized) and Almayha decided to come and surprise me and spend my birthday with me! It was so cool seeing them and spending  time with them. They ended up comming to our house and Alfa cooked us lunch! One of my favorite dishes here... Espagueti (spaghetti)! They also bought me a cake
 and ended up staying for awhile, but it was ok with me! That night we had a couples activity at the church and one of the members bought me a huge chocolate cake! I felt the love of the members so much that day! 
Saturday we didn't do much,  we had a couple of awesome citas we also had an activity planned, but no one came.:( it stunk so badly.... well the familia Ortiz came that was awesome so we talked with them!
Sunday  I spoke in church! I spoke about the atonement! Man I have really learned to love that subject. I always  learn something new about it! Everyone said my talk was great and even during the rest of church people were referring to it in their lessons. I also had a lot of people that came up to me and said that my talk felt like it was just what they needed. Really I don't even know what I spoke,about.. enserio Hna Colton read what Ihad wroten afterwards and even said that what i had said was something totally different. The Familia Ortiz even came to church which was awesome! After church we went to the Familia Rodriguez's house and celebrated my birthday! We had some great citas Sunday the spirit was so strong that day.
Monday we went and visited Sandra one of her friends were over and when he was leaving he told Sandra to hold her dog well she didn't and the dog started attacking him and he was freaking out ,w were dying laughing because it was so funny! That night we were teaching a guy who is deaf about the Restoration and we showed him and his friends the Restoration movie in ASL.
Wednesday was a really busy pday we did our laundry in the morning that always takes forever and then we went and played soccer and basketball at the church with the elders. we then left and went shopping.   a phone call from our bishop saying that Maria (Hna Ortiz) can go to the employment center for a job interview so we went and helped with that and were there for a while. That is why i didn't email yesterday! We then watch The Testements with the Familia Diaz the spirit was so strong they were all crying at the end of the movie!
I love this gospel and am so grateful for all of the many blessing that i receive in my life and i am especially grateful for this mission i have learned so much and i do not know where the time is going!
I hope you all have a great week! 
Until next week. 
I love you and miss you all!!!
Hermana Heather Peugnet <3
Hermana Colton and I
A surprise visit from Alpha for my birthday!

Birthday breakfast, yummy blueberry pancakes a smoothie and a card from some local friends:)


Hermana Colton and a cute little puppy



some members had a little party for me.:)

It was a fun week.
We did get work done as well, I promise!!

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