Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Oh What a Week!! 2-12-14


Wow,  I do not know where this week has gone ...
First off,  Happy Valentines Day everyone! Well in 2 days but I love you all so much!!! <3
Thursday was a great day for us. We worked so hard and got a lot done...
 Sandra had her baptismal interview and passed! Yay!
Friday as we were walking to catch a ruta to go to our Sister Activity/ Meeting when we saw a guy that was pushing a cart full of bags of empty beer bottles so we decided to help him... he turned around and saw us and a huge smile went on his face showing how grateful  he was for our help.
 I felt like I was on the trek all over again,  it was such a neat experience! At our Sister Activity we  played the piano,  it was a lot of fun! Every companionship did something different! We finished off the day awesome,  we didn't have that many citas, but the ones we did have were fantastic! 
Saturday we prepared for Sandra's baptism~ man it was a heck of a day... we went to the church early in the morning and cleaned it.
At 11 we went over to an investigator Isuara's house  and taught her English and ate with her family.
We then went home... when we left our house at 3 we had no idea what the Lord had in stored in for us,  but we sure did learn a lot!
None of our citas happened. We ended up walking to everyones house and inviting them to Sandra's baptism. Well the baptism was suppose to start at 6pm... no one was there, not even Sandra!! We called her at 6pm.  She had thought it started at 7pm because the calendar  we made her with the original baptism plan said 7pm. But it all worked  out, she came as fast as she could and we had her baptism! It was so spiritual I am so thankful that I was able to be a part of that! 
Sunday Sandra was confirmed a member of the church and she radiated the light of Christ!
We had an activity that night at a members house and got to see another member opened his mission call. It was so cool to be apart of that. It reminded me of when I opened my call!
 Monday I don't remember all that happened but I know that it was a great day! 
Tuesday we had our zone meeting and learned of everyone that was getting transferred. Hna Colton and I are together for another transfer! YAY!!
 We had our normal citas and that night we went and ate Yaro with the Elders. Yaro is dish that they make here on the streets... it has french fries,meat (I don't know what kind), and cheese... normally it has ketchup and mayo too. It wasn't too bad.  It was an interesting experience! 
I hope you all have a great week! love you tons!!! 

Hermana Heather Peugnet <3
goofing around at our Sister Meeting

My district

My Zone

Sandra's baptism

Sandra's special day

Sandra, her kids and us:)

Hma Colton and I at Sandra's baptism

Sandra's daughter

Hermana Colton eating a rotten apple!

Our Dominican hair do's

Mission call

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