Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Rain,Rain and more Rain!!


This week we did a lot of contacting in the Campo and the rich area....
Friday we went into Santiago for a Sister Meeting. It was awesome.  Hna Lizardo is going to be my sister leader,  I am so excited!! I miss that girl! When we got home we  contacted a couple of our neighbors. The first thing they said to us after we sat down was "we see you guys running in the mornings". lol :) We then got to know them and gave them a folleto. Hopefully we will see some progression with them.. we need it. We have  no one that we are teaching right now.
Saturday we ended up doing  service all day for a members  birthday party. We decorated and helped serve. 
Sunday I gave a talk in church about the love of God. We went to a fireside that we sang at.
Monday we had a district meeting. After the meeting we went out with a member because they had a reference for us. we ended up walking 5km in the pouring rain (no i do not have an umbrella) just to get to the persons house... it was such an expereince but it was so cool. on the way back we started walking in the pouring rain again and someone stopped by and actually offered us a ride in the bed of their truck so we hopped in with the member... that saved us from walking about 3km.
We went home changed our clothes and left for a NDH. I left looking like a fool dressed in yellow La Sirena bags to protect me from getting soaked. A couple of member saw me and said they loved the yellow bag idea and said it was so smart!

There are some awesome people here i am learning a lot from the members . In this area we have a lot of Haitianos they are some of the most humble people ever. I love listening and learning from them.

I want to tell you a story about one of the members here. His name is Robenson; he is haitiano and has been a member for just over a year, and works at an apartment building. We went and visited him the other night and he told us that Saturday night he had a dream that one of the people that lived in the apartment told him not to open the gate because it was dangreous. He didn´t really think anything of it but as he was getting ready for church he had a feeling to leave at 9am and not 8:45. So while he waited, he read his scriptures. Before he joined the church he couldn't read at all and now he can read really good. a miricle from God). when he was reading he heard the gateopening -the one in his dream that he was told not to open. He looked out and saw someone trying to get in. He ended up scaring the guy away.The guy left and didn't end up doing what he came to do, probably rob the house because he was scared. Robenson then came to church. We he told us that story, we knew Heavenly Father protected him and we could feel the spirit as he told us,
I know that the Lord answers our prayers and loves and protects us!

today we went and visited one of Hna Manarangs old areas and i spent the day with a different sister, Hna Allen it was awesome getting to know her and spending the day with her. We went to the beach that is right next to her house it was so cool! when we left it started pouring and we had to hop in a truck to get back to San Francisco that was almost a 2 hour drive and the guy had his AC up and i was freezing like an icecube. oh and just so you know yes it is possible to fit 8 people in a 5 person truck, we did it today. However, today was a good day! 

I love and miss you guys!
Until next week!
I hope you have a great week!

Hermana Heather Peugnet  <3
Today at the beach with Hma Allen

My "makeshift" raincoat



Isn't this a cool picture?

A fire next to our house. Hazy skies with a beautiful rainbow

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