Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Out in the Field and New Mailing Addresses!

Hey everyone!
How's it going?
So p-day's aren't until Wednesdays in Santiago which is really awesome!
Tuesday I left the CCM and went to my mission presidents house. President Douglas and Hermana Douglas are so nice, I love them already. I stayed with them for the night with Hermana Thorpe one last time and all the other new missionaries that are going to Santiago. I can't believe that I am actually here, but at the same time it is crazy with all that is going on.
We had some wonderful food at the mission home last night and got paired with a couple of other missionaries who have been out a little bit. We went to some appointments with them. It was a lot of fun. I gave 2 Book of Mormons away.
We got up early this morning and started traveling so that I could meet my companion. I didn't end up meeting her until around 12pm because we were waiting for tons of other people.  My companions name is Hermana Mendez. She is from the DR and knows quite a bit of English which is really nice. We are the first Hermana missionaries to be here in the LaVega, Santiago mission. I've met some awesome missionaries here in the DR.
So, since we are the first Hermana missionaries here we have our own house. After we met today , we spent about 3 hours cleaning it the best we can. It's still not great- but it is better than having a whole bunch of dirt and spider webs everywhere. Our water is currently not working and we don't have a lot of things for the house yet. Luckily they supplied us with a mop and a broom and beds of course!
So guess what? Since no one can pronounce our last name they are issuing me a new name badge. It will say Hermana Peñé so that they can pronounce it! Have you ever heard of that?
What new is going on there?
The computer I am on is a little weird- it's in somebodies  house and they have about 10 computers.
Sorry I don't have my camera with me because I didn't know we were coming to use the computers. So I won't be sending many pics this week... Just the one taken before we all left the CCM yesterday.
I love you guys so much and am so grateful that I have you in my life....
Hermana Heather Peugnet

Heather's New Addresses:

SDQ 8013
2250 NW 114th Ave Unit 1A
Miami, FL 3317-3652

SDQ 8013
PO Box 025725
Miami FL 33102-5725

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