Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Rain and Sunshine

Hey! How's everyone doing? I miss you all like crazy!
My week has been great! Just a lot of rain and sunshine. We are always soaked and constantly walking in rivers aka "flooded roads". In our cita's (appointments) I am getting the chance to talk a lot more. It is really hard sometimes because I still don't always know what is being said, but my companion helps me out a lot. There has been a couple times when I teach about the restored gospel or a principle and speaking Spanish is like no big deal...but my companion will help me out every once in a while! I just need to have more confidence in myself and not worry about messing up. Trusting in God has been a huge thing that I have learned over the last week or so.
We have one investigator that has agreed to a baptism date which is very awesome. I am super excited! I love teaching him. He loves to read the Book of Mormon and is always so interested in our lessons. He has a couple of friends that are members and they are always with us when we teach him.
Saturday our Elders had a couple of baptisms so we went to that and supported them. That was really cool to see and to be a part of. A couple of our investigators came to the baptism too which was even cooler.
Sunday morning I woke up from a dream and in that dream I was speaking Spanish!!! It was so crazy. So I know now that I am suppose to learn this language; it is just going to take time and I need to continue to recognize how far along I've come so far.
Church here is a little interesting. We have all of our classes first and then Sacrament is last... but I think it's for the best because the people here think being 30 minutes late to something is being on time. It's so hard being on time to our appointments because the people here just love to talk and we walk so far everywhere.
One of our investigators was in the hospital so on Sunday we went and visited him and brought some priesthood holders with us so that he could receive a blessing. His mom was so happy; you could just see her face light up.
We got to watch "The Work of Salvation" broadcast. That was so exciting! If you didn't watch it you should. There is so much that is going to be changed through missionary work and I am so excited for it!!!
Monday was my 2 month mark! Tuesday we contacted. We are still doing a lot of contacting because we don't know all of our area yet. I think I'm getting a cold which stinks... my companion is sick as well.
I love you all and miss you tons!!!
Hermana Heather Peugnet

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