Friday, July 26, 2013

Easter Eggs in July

I can't believe I have been out 3 months! The time has gone by so fast! This last week was a great week! Me and my companion are doing great. We are getting along and laugh at each other especially at night when we are super tired!!

Thursday was a really good day. We had some really good citas (appointments). On our way to the church for an activity it started pouring. So of course because of the rain no one was going to be coming. So we decided to go home. The roads were so flooded the water was up to my knees in some parts of the road when we were walking. Everyone was yelling at us not to get wet and to be careful with the rain even though we were already soaking wet. The people here are very interesting when it's funny!

Friday and Saturday were not very good days because a lot of our citas fell through.

Sunday we had 5 investigators and 3 menos activos at church. It was a really good day. We had a lot of citas which was awesome compared to the days before.

Monday was a really good day! We had a district meeting that morning and on our way I accidently hit a motorcycle with my arm. For a second I thought it was going to fall because it moved a little bit but luckily it didn´t. For Noche De Hogar (Family Home Evening) we went over to the Familia Jimenez´s house and learned about prophets and the important roles they play are in our lives. After our refreshments one of the daughters asked if I liked plátanos and I said yes. Well little did I know that saying yes meant that they were giving me a plate of plátanos, salami, and avocado. I then realized why Hermana Porter was just laughing. She wouldn't answer me of why they asked because she really knew what I had said yes to... However, the food was so good!!! :)

Tuesday was a really good day for the most part. It was super hot and we did a lot of walking and teaching.

Today!!!! Well it´s pday! I washed my clothes, cleaned the apartment, we went grocery shopping, wrote letters, and for fun we colored eggs because it's my 3 month anniversary! We were bored and my companion had supplies to color eggs. We also did it because it's pioneer day!

I hope everyone is doing great! I love you and miss you all!!!


Hermana Heather Peugnet

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