Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Recently Heather sent a list of "Only in the Dominican Republic" in her mailed letter to home that we thought would be fun to share on her blog:

*People hooking up their electricity illegally. (its apparently cheaper to tap into your neighbors:)

*People drinking on the job (alcohol is so common-place, no one even notices)

*You would be more likely to be pulled over for talking on your cell phone than you would be for drinking and driving!

*Only here,  would you NOT care if a random pet ie.. dog, cat or chicken just came walking  into your house.

*When walking down the street you can hear 5 or 6 different songs blaring from houses in one area or street.

*You will see 5-7 year old girls dancing in the street like they are in a "club/bar", with very adult "moves".

*Little girls playing "tea party" with alcoholic drinks.(sad)

*Not only the young boys, but the old guys call out to us and tell us we're beautiful and want us to come in their houses (don't worry, they don't stand a chance with me!!) We are told to always be on guard and extremely careful.

*When it rains all the girls/ladies will wear shower caps on their heads. Their hair is very important to them.

*They will also wear HUGE curlers with nets over them every where they go.

*No one wears a helmet, although there is usually one strapped to the back of their motorcycle. (I haven't figured out what the point of that is??)

*Many Dominicans have up to 3 different cell phones (haven't figured that one out either)

*I'm still working on figuring out the driving rules here....It seems like the red light doesn't mean anything and motorcycles have the right away. No one drives in between the lines and they make 4 lanes out of 3. But it's okay, I don't have to worry about driving. Even riding a bike is off limits for us because of the danger. Riding in a taxi is scary enough!

* People here think they are allergic to rain.

*An entire family travels on one motorcycle. I have seen up to 6 people on one! Even little babies!

*Mangos grow on trees everywhere and are delicious!

I'm sure there are a lot more things I could tell you but those are the things that come to mind!
Hope it made you smile! This is my life and I am loving it! It's hard, but I can do hard things!!

Love, Hermana Heather Peugnet

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