Sunday, July 14, 2013

How do you put a horse in a fridge in 3 steps?!?

Hey everyone! What's going on? I'm doing great! I love my area and I am so grateful that right now I am not in the city working as a missionary!

Well from last week to this week a lot has happened.

Our investigators are progressing very well. This last week we had 16 new investigators, 9 progressing, and 10 of our investigators and 7 menos activos (less actives) were at church on Sunday which was so awesome!!!

We do a lot of teaching, walking and we're always learning. I love all of my investigators. They all have something different and special about them in their lives that makes them special.

One experience I'd like to share was from Sunday. So it was fast and testimony meeting. Well on our way to church we went and picked up some kids (ages 10-17) that we are teaching. It was kind of funny because we felt like chaperons because we had 7 kids we were taking to church. Of course we had people looking at us like always. A couple (2) of the kids that came with us we had never taught before. Anyways church was so awesome! I felt the spirit so strong. So here during fast and testimony meeting if one person in your family stands up to bare their testimony then everyone else in the family stands up too. They all stand around the podium and take turns; normally the youngest first to the father being last. The first time it happened I was like what the heck is going on here... but it is kind of cool because then everyone gets to share their testimony and also there is no awkward silence. Well one of the kids that came with us that we had not yet taught wanted to go up... so I decided I would go up with him. It was so cool! I felt the spirit so strong and when I was talking I could tell everyone was listening to me and it felt like they were cheering me on as well. We then went and had dinner with some people in our branch. The food was so good (chicken, rice, veggies, and a donut)!

This last week the scripture that has helped me the most is Ether 12:27. It talks about if you have faith in Christ then He will make your weak things become strong.
Monday we had FHE with a family. The father is menos activo and the son (presidente jeminez) is a member  but the rest aren't. I gave the message to the family and then after that they told jokes and we all played games. It was great; we were all laughing so much!

Yesterday we had other sisters ( Hermana Leaders) come out with us and do splits so my companion and i visited a lot of the menos activos in our ward to see how they are doing and if there was anything that we could do for them. We also shared a lesson. It was a little hard but it was good because it helped me practice and I know that my Spanish is improving each day by but I sometimes wish that it could come a little faster. Then last night Hermana Porter told me that Presidente Jeminez said that his sister really likes me and that my Spanish is really improving. She said that when I was giving the message on Monday she could understand everything that I was saying! That was awesome to hear!! I love the people in Bonao. They are awesome! I have met some awesome people and I have some awesome investigators that are really progressing. I can't wait to see them get baptized! :)
I love you!!!!
Hermana Heather Peugnet
PS: I'll send the answer to the joke next week!!!! :)
Eating my first mango in the Dominican Republic!

My apartment

My companion Hermana Porter and I

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