Sunday, October 27, 2013

1 week with my new companion:) 10-16-13

Thursday was a great day. We had some great lessons and started teaching Alfa's sister too. She is so much like Alfa and I think that she will get baptized as well and then we will just have to start teaching her mom! Her mom already loves me because of Alfa and likes that we haven't forced the gospel but have served her and have become her friends too. Patients........ The Lord has a time for everyone!!!!!
For the activity at the church this week we had a lesson and afterwards everyone  started playing games.... well I'm not much of a games person and either is my companion so we headed home early, did our planning and went to bed!
Friday we went to Alfa's house to learn how to cook some Dominican food.
We had some really good cita's. Friday we finished the last lesson with one of our investigators. She wants to get baptized.  We just need to wait until she marries "her husband" (live in boyfriend) so that she can actually be baptized!!! Most everyone here lives together without getting married.
Saturday we had some great cita's,  we visited a lot of people.
Sunday church was great. It was really different because normally Hna Porter is playing the piano and since she's not here there is no piano and the person just leads the song and no one is even ready to sing. Afterwards we had lunch at Margarita's house.  My new companion and I were  even able to have  some cita's with people that were hard for Hna Porter and I before to have cita's with.
Monday we were able to do some service. We went over to Alfa's moms house and helped them clean the whole house because they are painting and getting ready for Alfa to move in and her mom to move upstairs.
 Man people do things here so fast here. They can destroy a house in days by hand, they can build a house in a couple of days,  and move within a couple of days too.
 I love the way people clean here... they  just throw a bucket of water on the floor take  broom and brush it out the door- it is so easy and fast.  
It  rained a lot on Monday . It is hard sometimes doing the Lord's work when it is raining, especially if we are in certain peoples houses and they don't like us in the rain because they think it is so bad for us and insist that we stay til it stops. LOL.
Tuesday we returned to Alfa's moms house after study to help finish cleaning.
 We then had some great lessons and it started pouring right before out last lesson.We had to head to the church for a class. Of course no one showed up to the class because of the rain, so we headed home soaking wet, what else is new? We are always wet either from rain or sweat. :)
We  finally received a directory of all the people in the branch and there are almost 350 members and only about 100 show up to church. We have a lot of work to do to find these members and try and bring them back to church and remind them  of the importance and the blessings that we receive from the gospel in our lives.
More about my companion..... Hna Mojica she is 19yrs old. She has 6 months in the field and Bonao is her 4th area. She has 2 brothers , 1 older and 1 younger. She is from Nicaragua. She doesn't know English but at times she understands a word & if I don't know it in Spanish I can ask her.... I have  started carrying a dictionary around to help me. She is teaching me a lot of Spanish. I have had people tell me that my Spanish is really improving. We get a long quite well, our only problem is that she doesn't know how to cook and I don't really like cooking:).... other than that,  things have been great.!! I think it has helped a lot that I know some Spanish so that I am able to understand what she says. I have had  a couple of times where I start  talking to her in English and then I remember that she doesn't  understand.  It's kind of funny. She can read in English really good,  she just doesn't understand what she is reading.:( I love her and we are learning so much together!
Well I think that is it for this week!!! Until next week!
I Love You!!!
Hermana Heather Peugnet <3 

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