Sunday, October 27, 2013

A week of Service:) 10-24-13

Wow .... a lot has happened this week. where is the time going? I sometimes for get that I am living in the Dominican Republic. -I know its not the same as it is at home and there are crazy things that happen here... but I have gotten used to it and every once in a while I think only in the DR will that happen.
Well since Hna Porter has left it has been different here in Bonao. Some of the people are different and some people that we had taught Hna Mojica and I are starting to teach them again. it has been great. the Lord really does prepare people and it is always important to have patience with others and with the Lord.
Wednesday night we helped Alfa and her family move that was fun it is crazy how fast people move here. they pack up, move, and are all settled in their new house all in one day or just a couple of hours.
Thursday was our weekly planning. I wasn't feeling good I was getting my normal cold that I get around this time of year. well when we got to Alfas house to finish cleaning and hanging stuff up they looked at me and told me that I was sick. her and her family wouldn´t let me do anything. alfa kept telling me to go and sleep in her room I kept refusing but after a while she told me ¨I don't need your help what I need is for you to go sleep you don't feel good and this is an order go sleep.¨ I went and laid on her bed and was out.... I woke up a couple of hours later and she had hung stuff up in her room and I didn´t hear any of it. We then left for a couple of citas and to the church for our weekly activity . We didn't stay for very long because I was still not feeling good and was tired.
Friday I felt a little bit better. we had a lot of citas they went really great. not much really happened this day.
Saturday we had some great citas. my favorite cita was with Alfas sister because we were sitting up on the roof and it was so cool because there was a breeze to cool us off.
Sunday was a great day. church was great, and after church we went to Alfa´s house to eat with her family. we then had some great lessons and visited some people that we had taught before, it was awesome.
Monday we went running,we had our zone meeting. afterwards we had some amazing citas we have some amazing people that we are teaching we just need to get them to the church. we also started teaching 2 families this week too which is awesome.
Tuesday we didn´t do much because there was a huge huelga here in bonao well there was suppose to be I don't think anything really happened but we were told that we needed to be safe so we were at Alfa´s house all day and also visited her sister because they live really close. We started reading   the Book of Mormon with Alfa's sister. that has been good to help her read.
Wednesday we had to be careful again because there was suppose to be a huelga again . We went to the river and to some art exhibit too it was really cool.   
How is everything going with you all?
I hope you have a great week. Until next week!!!
Hermana Heather Peugnet  

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