Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween from the Dominican Republic:)

Hello Everyone!
I past my 6 month mark- I can't believe how fast time is going.:).
Saturday the elders had a baptism and then that night we had a get together with a member named Zuleika  before she left for her mission. She will be serving in Mexico. That was a great night. I am sad to see her leave but I know that she will be a great missionary!!
Sunday my companion and I both spoke in church. It is so much different talking in church when you are in a different place and  a different language. It is so much harder, and a bit more nerve racking too. I know that the Holy Ghost helped me out a lot in my talk, and was able to help the people understand what I was saying is true.
Since not much happened this week I thought this week I would tell you guys more about the people that we are teaching:
Jessica and Ramon: Jessica is the sister of Alfa. They have 3 kids Adriana (5) , Adrian ( 4), and Adriani (2). When we started teaching we were only teaching Jessica.  I felt like it was best to ask if Ramon would like to sit in the cita too. It has been great. They are awesome  are progressing quite well. They  always have so many amazing questions when we teach them. When we gave them the Book of Mormon we asked them to read Moroni 10. The next cita they had so many questions and wanted to continue reading in the book but didn't know what to do because they were at the end. The kids, especially Adriana always asks us  when they can come to church with us.  I am hoping to baptize them before I leave Bonao.
Francia: Is between 20-30 ears old. She is a relative of Bienvenido and Margarita. She has been attending  church for awhile,  even before we started teaching her back  when Hna Porter was here with me . The other day Hna Mojica and I were in a lesson with her and we were talking about baptism. I asked her what she thought about being baptized and if she had a desire. She then told me that she wanted to be baptized on the 14th of December. It was so nice not to have to pick a day for her and it was cool to see that she had the desire and had already picked the day out for herself. We are almost done with all of the lessons with her.  I think that it might be possible that when we finish the lessons that we will be able to change her baptism date for sooner.
Bautista: He is an older guy. Teaching him is a little hard at times because I don't know how much he actually understands,  he cant read. That is one of the  hard things here,  a lot of people don't know how to read. We have another baptism date for the month of November, hopefully we will be able to achieve this goal with him. We have finished all of the lessons  and went over the baptismal questions and realized that there are a couple more things that he needs before his baptism.
Cecilia and Pablo: Man this family is awesome!!!!!!!! When we go to teach them they always have amazing questions for us. They love hearing about the gospel and learning new things. The last couple of times we have taught them Pablo hasn't been there in time and so before we leave Cecilia teaches him what we taught her with our help.  It is really cool to see that she is learning and that they love hearing what we have to say. The other night when we were over  there some people were in front of her house talking really loudly. They asked them to quiet down because she wanted to hear what we had to say and the spirit was so strong in that lesson. We are hoping that they come to church this Sunday and I am hoping that they get baptized before I leave Bonao too.
Alfa: we still visit her everyday and we read with her in the Book of Mormon to help her strengthen her reading everyday.
We focus a lot on the menos activos here in Bonao and don't tract much.  We try to get references (referrals) from the members when we can. We have 350 members in our ward but only about 50-100 show... so we are trying to strengthen the ward, because it is hard having investigators come to church and there not be members in the ward to befriend them and to help them strengthen their testimonies.
It is so crazy to think of where the time has gone; I have been out in the mission for a little over 6 months man the time sure has gone fast. A year ago I became best friends with an amazing person and role model in my life (McKenna) and now we are both in different parts of the world doing the Lords work (she's in Spain) and in another year we will both be back with tons of stories to share with one another and everyone else about our mission experiences. It is so interesting what the Lord has in store for everyone.  He really does have a plan for everyone in their lives. I am constantly learning new things everyday and Hna Mojica is helping me improve my Spanish each day.
I love it here in Bonao~ the people are awesome!
Whats new with everyone?
Until next week! I love you all!!!!!!
Hermana Heather Peugnet

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